What We Do

Meeting1SGAC works on the international, national and local level to link together university students and young professionals to think creatively about international space policy issues and inject the new generation point of view into international space policy creation.

For a quick overview on what SGAC does, please see our current SGAC brochure available here in printing format (all our members are encouraged to print it and distribute it conveniently).

For a complete and more detailed overview on SGAC, check the SGAC Official Presentation, here

The Official Presentation is available in English, Chinese, Italian and Spanish. If you would like to have these versions available to present the SGAC in your country, please contact the SGAC Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All SGAC members are encouraged to present SGAC to their local schools, industries and space agencies using the presentation available above, but make sure you notify the SGAC Executive Director of its usage.

SGAC Network

Our network is our strongest asset. SGAC has thousands of members in over 100 countries around the world. Through our projects, events and information dissemination resources, we aim to be the premier linking organisation of young space professionals and students. We provide an environment for growth and engagement for our members around the world to gain skills that can prove essential to their future careers. In effect, SGAC is in part a “sandbox” for the future space workforce.

Work with the UN – Voice of the Next Generation of Space Sector Leaders

Having been created in the United Nations environment (UNISPACE III), our work with the UN, particularly the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS), is of central importance to our mission. SGAC works to give regular input to the work of the Committee and its delegates and to act as a conduit for the opinions of our members and the outcomes of our projects. We take part in a variety of UN Action Teams and Working Groups on space issues, as well as the UN Programme on Space Applications. No other space organisation for young adults has a Permanent Observer status with COPUOS and is as active or as engaged in the work of the UN as SGAC – a fact of which we are very proud. In addition to having Permanent Observer status within COPUOS since 2001, SGAC also has had consultative status within the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2003.

Project Groups

At SGAC, one of our key contributions to the space policy debate and space education and outreach in all domains is the output of the project groups which SGAC undertakes year-round. Currently, SGAC is working on seven projects that range from the SGAC Group on Space Technologies for Disaster Management, an outreach group for space applications for disaster management, to our YGNSS project, a group promoting cooperation and education in global navigation satellite systems. We work with both our members to generate new ideas for projects and sponsors who are interested in getting the view point of the next generation of space leaders. Please click here for the Current Projects Page.

If you are an SGAC member and would like to get involved with current projects, please contact a project leader and get involved today!

If you are interested in contacting SGAC to discuss working with SGAC as a sponsor on a specific project idea, please click here.

Events and Conferences

Every year SGAC holds events and conferences to bring together members of the SGAC community to interact. The Space Generation Congress (SGC) is our primary conference, and it annually brings together top young minds from around the world to focus on key space topics since 2001. The Congress takes place in conjunction with the International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

The aim of the SGC is two–fold. First, to strengthen the international network of the Space Generation Advisory Council. From the perspective of the individual delegates, many of whom come from developing countries, it is a chance to interact and engage with the incoming generation of space professionals from all over the world. From the perspective of the Space Generation Advisory Council, it allows us to consolidate our international links in order to best represent and facilitate the voice of the next space generation. The second purpose is to have the new generation of space leaders examine and consider key questions that are facing the space. These results are then shared with the UN, various agencies, industry and academia.

In 2012, took place the inaugural Space Generation Fusion Forum, with the aim of becoming the second annual event for SGAC. This is a US space event that highlights international thinking geared towards university students and young professionals. This event, held in conjunction with the National Space Symposium, aims to gather a selected group of up to 50 top young adults from various areas of space – government, industry, and academia. These intense, interactive panel discussions moderated by today's international space sector leaders will gather the perspectives of tomorrow's space leaders on today's key space issues. Attendeesl also have the opportunity to meet many high-level international space leaders through networking events and experience the opening of the National Space Symposium.

In addition, to our own annual conferences, SGAC staff and members, attend UN and other key space conferences around the world in order to offer unique perspectives from the next generation of space sector leaders on key space-related issues.

Opportunities: sponsorship and scholarships

In our quest to increase young input and engagement on international space issues, we work to provide the financial resources for our members. As our membership is globally diverse, one of our key goals is to allow our members to take part in the international space policy creation process from attendance and presentations at UN COPUOS to participating in our annual events, the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), the National Space Symposium (NSS) or issue-specific seminars around the world. Check periodically the SGAC website section on Opportunities.

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