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Space Technology applications in Bangladesh started in 1968 through the establishment of APT ground station in the then Atomic Energy Centre. This station was put under SARC of the BAEC In 1972. Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS) Programme was taken up in Bangladesh with the advent of American ERTS and it was renamed as (BLP) Bangladesh Landsat Programme with the renaming of the programme by NASA. Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO) was established in 1980 by merging SARC and BLP. The National Assembly passed an act in 1991 creating this organization.

Bangladesh Astronomical Society has been playing an important role in popularizing the subject of Astronomy and Space Science among the people of Bangladesh and the success achieved so far is quite spectacular. The Society has arranged lots of Seminars, Meetings on different topics and occasions of Astronomy including Sky Observation camps to lure the people looking their eyes towards the sky. The Halley’s Comet Observation Programme during its apparition in 1985-86, Astronomy Education Programme in 1987, Total Solar Eclipse Observation Programme in October,1995, Leonid Shower Observation Programme in November, 1999 were a few examples in which thousands of Astronomy enthusiasts had participated to enjoy those celestial spectacles. In fact, these programmes were extremely effective for inculcation of knowledge of Astronomy among our people. Presently, articles on Astronomy and Space Science get major coverage in every Newspaper and Magazine in Bangladesh apparently a section of readers want to read these articles to satiate their zeal. One of the spectacular achievements of the Society was the establishment of a major Planetarium in Dhaka.

Bangladesh is still comparatively new to the arena of new space related technologies. However Bangladesh has a huge number of enthusiastic youth who are extremely talented and curious about space related activities. SGAC Bangladesh hopes to bring the young space community of Bangladesh together to grow a network for a better future in space.


Young Space Activities Overview in Bangladesh

During the water rocket launch contest
on the play ground of Enayetpur High School. A rocket is seen flying

In Bangladesh, most of the Astronomy and Space Science related activities are youth oriented. These activities are conducted by Government Organizations, Non-government Societies, Universities and School based Astronomy and space Science societies. Those every activity may help to popularize those subjects among younger people as well as all the civilian. Bangladesh Astronomical Society organize different programs to celebrate world space week each year. Also Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) arranges workshops and seminars on different space related topics almost every year.


Country-Specific Events in 2017

Coming Soon!


Country-Specific Events in 2012/2013

  • BANGLADESH CELEBRATES WORLD SPACE WEEK-2013 (4  to 6th October, 2013): World Space Week is a Programme of the United Nations, celebrated annually between 4 and 10 October aimed at creating Space Awareness among the School Students around the World. It is coordinated by World Space Week Association based in Houston, USA. Since 2003, Bangladesh Astronomical Society has been regularly celebrating the World Space Week and its main Event is held at Enayetpur, Sirajganj a village which lies about 80 miles northwest of Dhaka. About 3000 Students from different schools of the locality had participated in it.
  • BANGLADESH CELEBRATES WORLD SPACE WEEK-2012 (4  to 6th October, 2012): The Celebration of World Space Week – 2012 was held at Enayetpur on 5-6  October and it was dedicated in the memory of Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the First Man to land on the surface of Moon. On 5 October, at 09:00-11:00 Space Art Contest was held in the lawn of Mohakash Bhaban in which about 130 students took part and drew pictures about Exploration of Space. Simultaneously, Water Rocket Launch Contest was held on the Spur of River Jamuna in which about 24 Students had participated.


Total Eclipse Observation 2009

40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST LANDING ON THE MOON CELEBRATED in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Astronomical Society narrating the Video on Apollo-11


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Bangladesh

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