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 Thursday, 28th September 2017 

11:30h to 12:30h


The growth challenges of space start-ups: the role of private and public investors


With the support of ESA Technology Transfer Programme Office and Young ESA

In recent years the number of start-ups developing new concepts and technologies in space both in upstream and downstream has been increasing. Several countries have announced incubation and acceleration programmes to support these start-ups. Investment in space companies is rising and the first specific instruments to support space ventures have been created. The participation of private investors is gaining relevance and seems to be extremely important for the consolidation of the business models of the space start-ups. The panel, consisting of space start-ups, private investors and agencies’ representatives will open a discussion on the growth and consolidation challenges of these start-ups. The open dialogue will answer questions on the main issues that space start-ups identify when dealing with investors, the view of the investors on start-ups that may have a longer ROI timeline and with business models that still need to be proven, as well as the role of the public organizations to enable the growth of start-ups, among others.

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Lluc Diaz.png

Lluc Diaz
Technology Transfer Officer at ESA
Panel Moderator


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Victoria Alonsopérez
Space Generation Advisory Council and Founder of Chipsafer


Chris Boshuizen headshot.jpg

Dr. Chris Boshuizen
Entrepreneur in Residence at Data Collective VC



Guillaume Girard
Partner & COO at Zero 2 Infinity SL
Managing Director and Co-Founder of Zero 2 Infinity Deutschland



Young ESA



  • Flavia Tata Nardini
  • Co-Founder at Fleet Space Technologies


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