SGAC membership has been steadily growing throughout the years. Among our membership there are many incredible young space enthusiasts who should be recognized for their hard work and contributions to SGAC. In December 2009, the SGAC Executive Council decided to acknowledge one member per month for his or her outstanding work and contributions to SGAC and its goals, and we continued this until today. 

SGAC is proud to present the SGAC July 2015 Member of the Month: Klaus Kornfeld, Small Sattelites Project Group Co-lead

After having studied astronomy and astrophysics with a focus on planetary science and cosmology at the University of Vienna and Uppsala University, Klaus has worked at a technology startup, before he joined IBM as a Mobile Consultant. Last year he began to pursue an MBA. Klaus has been with SGAC since 2009 in different roles on the SGAC Team and Project Groups.


Ana Raposo, Project Coordinator, nominated Klaus:

“Klaus has been a valuable element of the team preparing the survey on regulatory and economical aspects of nano-satellites, a project developed through a partnership between three of the SGAC project groups and Swiss Space Systems. He has been one of the most active and enthusiastic members and his support has been essential from the concept phase to the actual implementation of the survey. I would also like to highlight that it has been a pleasure to work with Klaus ever since I became a project coordinator, I can always count on him to meet every deadline!”

Here's Klaus' reaction:

“Knowing SGAC and its members working on great projects, it is truly an honor to be nominated as the SGAC Member of the Month. Everyone I work with at SGAC does so with a lot of passion and that’s what I like about our organization! We actually do things that matter! This is what will continue to motivate me to do all the cool stuff we are doing. Thank you for the nomination!”

From the SGAC Chair, Victoria Alonsoperez:

"I would like to congratulate Klaus on being selected as Member of the Month. I had the pleasure of meeting Klaus at SGC 2010 and could see how involved he had been with SGAC since then. He is a very enthusiastic and active member and we are glad that he is part of SGAC."

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