6 September 2017

SGAC together with The Northwest public organization of the Russian cosmonautics Federation are happy to announce the winner of the Russian Scholarship to attend the 16th Space Generation Congress and the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia.

The Northwest public organization of the Russian cosmonautics Federation was established in Saint-Petersburg in October 1997. It is a regional organization of the All-Russian Public Organization of the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia and is based on volunteer and on-profit basics. The organization aims to promote the development of cosmonautics and the use of its achievements in science and technology, as well as the popularization of these achievements. Since 2008, the president of the organization is the Pilot-Cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Russia Sergei Konstantinovich Krikalev. The Vice-President of the organization is Mukhin Oleg Petrovich. This agreement is an outstanding step for Russian young space community which is giving a chance to space-passionate people to be actively involved in international activities participating in Space Generation Congress and  International Astronautical Congress. A former National Point of Contact for Russia, Aleksandr Khokhlov started a crowdfunding campaign supported by the Federation which allowed to provide one Russian representative with funding to participate SGC and IAC this year. This campaign became a basis for the MoU. After a careful selection, Ksenia Lisitsyna was announced as a winner of this scholarship.

We are looking forward to continuing this tradition and to seeing more support from  Russian space sector as this help could give an opportunity to Russian young generation to be heard.

We are looking forward to see you in Adelaide, Australia.


The winner is:

Kseniia Lisitsyna

Ksenia is our National point of contact for Russia. She has her background in IT and obtains a Master's degree in Sustainable Development from the University of Nordland. She has recently joined the team of Precious Payload, the USA based company that works on a space launch booking system. She has also published a few articles on international space policy and and the UN work on this matter. She also supports space related events in her hometown St-Petersburg.

 “Dear all, I’m honoured and very grateful for this opportunity. It is not only the chance to get new experience and meet people I speak the same language with but also another confirmation of support that my friends and colleagues give me. It is extremely valuable for everyone who starts working in a new field and no "thank you" will be enough to express my feelings.“ 


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