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Regulatory and Economic Aspects of Nano Satellites (Survey, Analysis, and Reports)

Team Members:Swiss Space Systems, SGAC Commercial Space Project Group, SGAC Small Satellites Project Group, SGAC Space Law and Policy Project Group (Dorina Andoni, Sandra Cabrera, Lauren Napier)
Survey link:www.spacegeneration.org/nanosatsurvey

Research Goals:

    • Development of nano satellites is an emerging and key technological domain with more and more nano satellites being readied for launch every year. Other than their educational and PR benefits, nanosatellites  are  also  seen  as  complementary  space  technology  platforms  to  bigger  industrial satellites.

    • This study aims at understanding and showing the diversity of a typical nano satellite development, which would include technical, regulatory and economical aspects. The project aims at performing a worldwide study of the typical roadmap and considerations for the development of a nano satellite.

    • The development concepts are to be analysed from the point of technical development, space law and  regulations,  economics,  and business  cases  for the  key technologies. Other  than  showing  the diverse  options  for  handling  all  the  developmental issues,  this  project  also  aims  at  proposing  a feasible roadmap for the future steps of the ‘small-scale’ organisations who would like to develop, test, launch and operate their small satellites.

Answers will be sought for typical questions such as (but not limited to):

  • What is the typical cost of a nano satellite development, broken into items such as hardware, human power, testing, launch, etc? How and when is funding secured?
  • What are the typical regulatory steps that are followed by the nano satellites developers? (existence  of  space law, registration, frequency allocation, definition of operator, definition of launcher stage, launch contract, ITAR, licenses, insurances, etc)
  • What are the major differences among different countries/regions in terms of nano satellite regulations?
  • How are the economic trends for development and the launch of nano satellites?
  • Would it be possible to propose an optimized strategy for the development, launch and operations of the nano satellites, taking into account the technical, regulatory and economic factors?

  • Where to Be Presented: The international space community, UNCOPUOS

  • Current Status: IN PROGRESS


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