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YGNSS Workshop on Interoperability and International Cooperation

Boulder, Colorado, USA

1 November, 2015


Applications for the YGNSS workshop are now closed!

Thank you for your interest!


The introduction Galileo, Beidou and new systems in the satellite navigation scene that will cohabitate with GPS-III and the new versions of GLONASS raised a wide and deep discussion on how users can benefit from a multi-system scenario. The navigation community has set up mechanisms of international cooperation (ICG Working Group A, annual meetings of the Interoperability Working Group) towards achieving a cluster of systems that can potentially complement each other.

Interoperability is thus a subject that will be of paramount importance in the future, as it is today and will require a mentality of international cooperation. However is not a core topic in a traditional GNSS college course, this workshop intends to fill that gap with compelling lectures, discussions and a hands-on tutorial.

This workshop brings to the next generation of GNSS professionals the actors of today. Top industry, research and academia get together to discuss the issues and potential of International Cooperation towards Interoperability of GNSS systems.



Frank Bauer   FBauer-Aerospace Consulting Services
Linda Rowan UNAVCO
Sergio Camacho   CRECTEALC
Lu Xiaochun Chinese Academy of Science
Rafael Lucas Rodriguez   European Space Agency
Penina Axelrad University of Colorado


About YGNSS and SGAC

The Space Generation Advisory Council is a global non-governmental organization and network that aims to represent university students and young space professionals to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia.

YGNSS is a SGAC team aiming to help bring the maximum benefits of GNSS to society. YGNSS supports the International Committee on GNSS (ICG), an international forum for cooperation on Global Navigation Satellite Systems recognized by the United Nations.


Details and Schedule

Date and Time  1 Nov, 2015 (Sunday), 09:00 to 18:00 - Note: Nov. 1 is Daylights Savings Time (DST)
Location  The University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA - Betchell Room, DLC. University of Colorado, Boulder
Registration Fee  $15 USD


Registration Requirements

Eligibility: The application is open to all students and young professionals who are interested in Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

Application Form: If you want to participate, please fill the application form.

Payment: Workshop registration is completed when the payment is done. Payment can be made via  the Paypal button below.


Contact Us

For more information and further questions please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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