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February 2017 - February 2019

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Welcome to SGAC Vietnam! Our country's first space activity dates back to 1980 with cosmonaut Pham Tuan’s flight to Salyut 6 station as part of the Intercosmos program, being the first Asian in space. Nowadays, Vietnam is looking to become a major player in the region and has been using space images for remote sensing and environmental monitoring for several years. In 2007, the Vietnamese government made a step forward with the establishment of the Space Technology Institute (STI) to encourage space research, development and applications on a national level. The long term plan calls for the completion of the country’s first space center in Hoa Lac High Tech Park in 2017 with ODA support from the Japanese government. Vietnam National Satellite Center (VNSC) is a research Center under Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). VNSC has the functions of research and development, technology applications, and development of high quality human resource in satellite technology; receive, manage and implement Vietnam Space Center Project.

On the other hand, since its founding late 2008, FSpace laboratory of FPT University has completed development of the F-1 CubeSat and the little satellite was launch onboard the HTV-3 transfer vehicle to the International Space Station where it and 4 companion CubeSats were deployed to orbit on October 4th 2012 (in commemoration of the 55th launch of Sputnik 1). The second Cubesat of Vietnam – the Picodragon manufactured by VNSC young engineers was launched to the space on November 19, 2013 at 12:18 UTC. Picodragon is the first satellite in series small satellites “Made in Vietnam” of VNSC pathway. These are the first steps for Vietnam to develop indigenous space capability.

In general, space development in Vietnam is still at its beginning, but SGAC Vietnam has been working hard to raise public awareness on the importance and potential of space, especially the youth! If we have sparked your interest, come join us!


Young Space Activities Overview in Vietnam

Aside from SGAC, there are a number of amateur astronomy clubs in various cities including Hanoi, Danang, Hochiminh, Phan Thiet and Hue City. In those clubs, many young members learn how to build and use telescopes, learn about star gazing, perform simple astronomy experiments like measuring the Earth’s radius and astrophotography. Water rocket launching is also very popular and keeps attracting more and more people. Some youngsters in the southern part of Vietnam have even started to build multiple-stage water rockets with innovative parachute recovery systems. FSpace team is now completing F-1 cubesat project with the aim to educate young engineers and students about aerospace engineering, specifically building domestic capability in small satellites development. The project is attracting many young people and motivating many to learn about more space technology.

Space Technology Institute also cooperated with various hi-school all around the country to organize Space Education programs for students, especially annual Water Rocket Event attracted a lot of attention of the students. Besides that, Vietnam National Satellite Center has strong relations with other Space agency to bring more interesting Space Competition to Vietnam.

For more information make sure to check out our interesting link section below, and the national report of Vietnam in SGAC's annual report.


Country-Specific Events

  • Yuri’s Night (12 April), Hanoi, Danang and Hochiminh city: This international celebration is held on 12 April every year with the aim to increase public interest in space exploration and to inspire a new generation of explorers will be held in Hanoi, Danang and Hochiminh city. Come and join us!
  • Launch of VNREDSat-1, Vietnam’s first remote sensing satellite is scheduled for late April, 2013. The 150kg satellite is developed by EADS Astrium and planned for launch onboard Vega launch vehicle.
  • World Space Week (4-10 October): The event will be commemorated in many cities throughout Vietnam including Hanoi, Danang, Hochiminh city and many more. There are many activities during WSW such as talks and presentations on space topics, introductions on telescope making, water rocket launching competition, star gazing and more.
  • TBD, talk on space technology, its development and application in Vietnam by FSpace laboratory at Hanoi University of Technology.
  • The first CanSat competition (5 December,2013) organized by Vietnam National Satellite Center.
    • TBD, several high-altitude balloon launches are being planned to record views of the Earth from near-space and collect simple environment data such as pressure and temperature.
    • From 3rd to 6th December, the 20th Asia Pacific Regional Space Agencies Forum (APRSAF) will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam. Space agencies, governmental bodies, and international organizations, such as the United Nations, as well as companies, universities and research institutes from over 30 regional participants take part in APRSAF, the largest space-related conference in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Water Rocket Event (June) organized by Space Technology Institute.

    This event was held in a Secondary or Hi-school in Vietnam, STI staff will come to school and has space lesson for student as well as introduce how to build water rocket. After a week, a competition between students will be held in their own school yard.

    - USTH Space Day organized by University of Science and Technology of Hanoi(USTH).

    - USTH is the first university in Vietnam has Space Science department. This event was held by USTH’s students in cooperating with other Science instituted inside Vietnam Academic Science and Technology.

  • Vietnam Water Rockets

Figure 1 : Water Rocket Event

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Vietnam

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