The SGAC Vision


To employ the creativity and vigour
 of youth in advancing humanity
the peaceful uses of outer space.

We at the Space Generation Advisory Council believe that the voice of students and young professionals should be heard in the creation of international space policy. As those who will be becoming the key policymakers, providers and users of space, we believe that it is imperative that their opinion is taken into account.

SGAC's Goal is...

  • provide access to our members to inject their thoughts, views and opinions on the direction of international space policy

Other goals are...

  • undertake projects on key topics of relevance to international space policy and our members
  • present the student and young professional viewpoint around the world
  • provide a dynamic forum in which students and young professionals can expand their knowledge of international space policy issues, build networks and think creatively about the future direction of humanity’s use of space

SGAC Annual Strategies
At the end of every year, SGAC releases a strategic plan for the upcoming year which encapsulates our key initiatives. This strategy not only defines our annual direction, it also acts as a benchmark for assessing our progress annually.


SGAC Organisational Structure

In the SGAC Statutes you can read about our the structure, responsibilities and guiding principles of SGAC.

Our SGAC Bylaws serve as an addendum to the Statutes of the Space Generation Advisory Council and expand on the Statutes to provide further details on some issues and present new information that may not be present in the Statutes.


SGAC Organisational Chart

 SGAC org chart


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