SGC Team Roles Descriptions


SGAC  looks for a fun team of motivated, self-starters to organise the Space Generation Congress! A Congress of this calibre takes the dedication of select volunteers. Benefits for all of these positions include developing invaluable project management and leadership experience, working with an international team, and reduced SGC fees. All positions are volunteer positions and are open to everybody in the SGAC network.


Descriptions of the roles:


Logistics Co-Coordinator (2 positions)

This position is responsible for directing and coordinating the efforts of the Naples-based Venues, Social, Logistics and Accommodation roles.

Tasks include:

  • Liaising with other section coordinators as well as International Astronautical Congress (IAC) local organising committee members
  • Coordinating extensively operations during the Congress

This role requires somebody who is highly organised, responsible, and responsive, as well as somebody with strong project management skills; this role reports to the Executive Office and Congress Manager.


Project Co-Coordinators (2 positions)

This role develops and manages the five SGC projects.

Tasks include:

  • Finding individual project leads and coordinating with them for each project
  • Working in consultation with the Congress Manager and the project sponsors on developing the five working group topics
  • Working with Delegate Coordinators to develop the workgroups and prepare delegates before the Congress for the working group sessions
  • Working during the Congress to coordinate project work and to ensure work groups are on task
  • Working with the IAC and the LOC to make sure projects are properly represented and carried out at the IAC sessions assigned to them
  • Following up with and supporting project groups regarding SGC final reports including coordinating and some report editing

This role reports to the Congress Manager and works with the main SGAC Project Coordinator.


Delegate Co-Coordinator (2 positions)

This role works with the attendees through all of the stages: applications, delegate selection, delegate coordinating and informing prior to Congress, and delegate payment

Tasks include:

  • Coordinating all contact with delegates, potential and actual
  • Supporting the selection of delegates
  • Creating, in liaison with other section heads, the Delegate Handbook with all information regarding the Congress
  • Acting as single point of contact for delegates on issues/questions

The roles report to the Congress Manager.


SGC Communications Director (1 position)

This role requires managing the Congress public relations and advertising internationally and in Italy while working very closely with the SGAC Public Relations (PR) and Communication Team and Local Communications Lead.

Tasks include:

  • Coordinating media relations and advertising before, during, and after the Congress
  • Writing press releases
  • Liaising with IAC and other organisations on promotion
  • Developing brochures and potential sponsor packs for SGC

This role reports to the Congress Manager and the SGAC PR and Communications Lead.

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