22 September, 2016

SGAC and ispace technologies are pleased to announce the winner of the inaugural ispace ompetition. The competition enables one outstanding SGAC member to attend the 15th Space Generation Congress and the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico.


ispace logo.jpg

ispace is a space robotics company focused on developing miniaturized technology to conduct exploration and prospecting missions on the lunar surface. ispace manages Team Hakuto, a front running Google Lunar XPRIZE team from Japan and is sending its first privately financed rover to ‪the Moon in 2017 in an attempt to win the $20M XPRIZE.

SGAC would like to thank ispace for its generous support of SGAC with this scholarship.

Congratulations James and see you in Guadalajara, Mexico!


James Murdza


James an American aerospace engineering student in his second year at TU Delft in the Netherlands. James is passionate about systems with broad-reaching impacts such as transportation and infrastructure. He loves working with computational modeling for all kinds of engineering solutions. James is currently most interested in the field of satellite telecommunications, which he believes has the potential in the next decade to bring inexpensive internet access to the most disadvantaged geographic areas on Earth.

“I am hugely honored to receive this scholarship and my highest priority will be to contribute to the SGC by presenting my findings regarding resource potential of the moon, however the opportunity to visit the IAC is also huge in the context of my aerospace interests and careers.”


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