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Bora Aliaj

Bora Aliaj

Sep 2015 - Sep 2017

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Welcome on the Albanian page! SGAC has reached Albania in 2013 with the appointment of its NPOC Vojna Ngjeqari. Albania can not demonstrate  a long standing history of participation in space related programs and activities. The subjects of Astronomy and Astrophysics are treated relatively little in the Universities of Nature in Albania. Despite that a research group in the Department of Physics in Tirana University are working since several years to examine the probability of obtaining microlensing events and to discern from the masses and distributions of free-floating planets populating our galaxy. Tirana University and the Academy of  Science, Albania are currently promoting and supporting space studies research aiming to build a stronger space society and influence the government in pursuing stronger policies in space educational programs. There are three institutions in charge of establishing a space research programme, the Nuclear Physics Institute, National Academy of Science and University of Tirana Department of Physics. 

The lack of formal educational institutions in this area has not deterred the passionate young Albanians who established a space forum with more than 17000 fans. Currently this Space Club which symbolizes the burning desire of thousands Albanians passionate in Cosmology, Aeronautics etc., is trying to launch a civil space society. Inspired by William G. Gregory, a NASA astronaut of Albanian origin and many other passionate students follow us in our attempt to spread the voice of SGAC and establishing an astronomical society in Albania.


Young Space Activities Overview in Albania

Youth scientific and space activities in Albania are mostly organized by the Ministry of Education or the Academy of Science, but they are very limited. The current established organizations, which have attracted numerous students and young proffesional, are aiming to change this trend. STEM Outreach Albania mission is to increase hands on activities in high schools and universities and build a strong network of young people that want to develop a solid space society in Albania.


SGAC Space Activities in 2015 in Albania

The first SGAC representatives for Albania, Vojna and Bora, have tried throughout the year to promote SGAC and the importance of space activities. Despite the fact that space studies are not widely included in the current curriculum, numerous young people have developed an interest and passion for astronomy and astrophysics.The space platform Universalb in cooperation with SGAC Albania, give an important contribution in getting virtually together young Albanians from all over the world, interested in astrophysics and astronomy.  The new organization STEM Outreach Albania (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) founded by one of the NPoCs of Albania, Bora Aliaj has paved the way to many joint projects and activities with SGAC.  STEM Outreach Albania has organized numerous round tables and talks with universities in Albania to spread the voice of SGAC. In Addition STEM Outreach Albania organized four workshops with high school students by introducing the opportunities that the space sector offers and encourage them to pursue a STEM career. Students were asked to design the Egg Drop Challenge experiment and the winner group of each school, will participate at the First Physics Competition.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo, on October 18th was organized the Solar Event in Tirana. The participants had the opportunity to observe the sun with the provided telescope and ask questions related to astronomy. The NPoC provided the attendees all the necessary information about SGAC and encouraged them to become a member. The success of this event lead to a number of future project proposals that will be organized in 2016. Both Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo and STEM Outreach Albania have an extensive number of space passionates willing to make a change in both countries and pave the path for the establishment of a common space platform and aerospace engineering department.

In addition, the Academy of Science, Albania have organized a number of activities in 2015 to promote science research and have involved students in many of the workshops or conferences held at their institution. A good example was the event held on November, 27, the International Conference: Albert Einstein and the General Theory of Relativity. It was organized in the honor of 100 years of Einstein Theory of Relativity where esteemed Albanian and Italian professors presented their research and engaged in discussions with the students and young professionals. SGAC Albania was represented in this conference by its NPoC Bora Aliaj, who engaged with students interested in pursuing a career in space and encouraged them in taking part in the different working group that SGAC offers. 


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