1st African Space Generation Workshop

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Working groups shall serve as an integral part of the workshop with the overall aim of producing tangible deliverables resulting from robust discussions by the participants. The participants will be divided into 4 groups where they will discuss selected topical issues or themes that are relevant to the role of space science in society – these discussions will be led by an Industry Mentors. The topic titles and final number shall be selected with deference to the interests and mandates of potential sponsors and partners.

The output will be formally presented at the end of the workshop and submitted as SGAC recommendations to the relevant stakeholders and organisations including the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS).


Space Technologies Development in Africa

Nowadays, African countries are already developing their capacities in Space Technologies, building their own Satellites and small satellites with South Africa and Nigeria leading in this. To what extent can African countries develop man power in space technologies and how soon can African countries start launching their satellites from the African soil – these are what this working group will focus on.

Space Technologies Development in Africa.pdf


African Space Policy

This working group will provide an opportunity for students and young professionals to contribute to the ongoing discussions and deliberations for an African Space Agency. They shall lend their voice to areas particularly relating to the participation of the youth in this program and bridging the wide gap in technical capacity that exists between them and their peers from other global regions.

African Space Policy.pdf


Roles of STEAM in Developing the Space Industry in Africa

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics have always been the basis for the Space Industry – however, in a continent where they are currently being underdeveloped, how do we improve STEAM which is a bottom up approach to space manpower development in a land filled with several beliefs and cultural heritages.

Roles of STEAM in Developing the Space Industry in Africa.pdf


Space in Driving the African Economy/Aerospace Start Up

Africa has the second least GDP in the world, just a bit better than Oceania and according to Forbes, the global Space Sector is currently worth about $400billion. The space industry has been driven by the commercial space entrants in the past years – unfortunately, we have very few aerospace companies in Africa which is limiting the growth of the Industry. How does the National Space Policies affect Start-ups in the Space Sector? This working group will focus on how African Nations can maximize the benefits of Space in driving the Economy.

Space in Driving the African Economy/Aerospace Start Up.pdf

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