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The 1st SGAC Europe local event 

17 - 18 February 2017

si-Cluster’s “α2-innohub” Headquarters • Athens, Greece

The Greek Space Generation Workshop (SG[Greece]) is the first European local event organized by SGAC, a non-profit organization operating under the auspices of the United Nations to promote the benefits of space exploration, technology and science and to inspire students and young professionals to become part of the space sector.

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What is SG[Greece]  

SG[Greece] will be a one-day workshop with the objective to to bring together the youngest generation of people who is interested in space with established members of the Greek space industry, academia and state officials as well as ESA representatives. Its goal is to foster a productive exchange of opinions, resulting in the formulation of innovative ideas on how Greece can improve its prospects in space. These ideas together with the overall conclusions of the workshop will be be presented at the European SGAC workshop (E-SGW 2017) and international conferences. 

Up to 50 delegates, mainly university students, young researchers and professionals under 35 years old are expected to participate to panel talks and round-table discussions centred on the following topics:

• Greece is space and ESA's programs  
 Space applications addressing societal challenges  
• Space education  
• CubeSats: New opportunities  
Entrepreneurship in Space  

As a side event to SG[Greece], a public talk on space exploration will be given by a European Astronaut and high-profile Greek space scientists. The talk  hosted by the Eugenides Foundation will not be restricted to workshop participants.


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If you have any questions about SG[Greece] or would like to contribute, please contact the organizing team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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