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The Space Generation Advisory Council is a global non-governmental, non-profit (US 501(c)3) organisation and network which aims to represent university students and young space professionals to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia.



26 June 2017

SGAC held elections in Europe and South America to select a new Regional Coordinator for these regions. We are proud to announce:

Election reports follow this article. SGAC also wishes to thank outgoing Regional Coordinators, Guzel Kamaletdinova, and Marco Cabero for their services to the organisation.

Election Report: Regional Coordinator for Europe

Only one application was received for the position of Regional Coordinator for Europe, that of Joao Lousada (Portugal). No objections were received from the National Points of Contact in the region to the election of the applicant as Regional Coordinator.

We are happy to announce that Joao Lousada (Portugal) will be the new Regional Coordinator for Europe! He will be working alongside current European Regional Coordinator, Matteo Emanuelli (Italy).

Joao Lousada graduated from Instituto Superior Tecnico, in Portugal, with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering that included studies at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, in Spain, and University of Victoria, in Canada. He has worked in space feasibility concepts at the German Aerospace Agency (DLR) and in satellite assembly, integration and testing at OHB System, for European Space Agency (ESA) projects. Today he is a Systems Flight Control Engineer (STRATOS) for the Columbus Module of the International Space Station. He is also an active member of multiple volunteer organizations related to the space sector, such as the Austrian Space Forum or the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), where he has been participating and leading several technical projects as well as acting as co-lead of the Space Safety and Sustainability project group and as National Point of Contact for Portugal. Joao has also been a part of the core organizing teams of several SGAC events, including national, regional and global events.

Here is Joao's reaction to his selection:
"It is truly an honour to be elected Regional Coordinator for Europe! Being an active member of SGAC is really rewarding in itself and am very grateful for all the years since I joined, where I have gotten more and more involved in SGAC and to be given, today, the opportunity become RC and to coordinate the SGAC activities at European level. I am aware that this position comes with great responsibility and I will strive to perform proficiently and have a positive impact not only within SGAC but also externally with our partners and sponsors, representing SGAC to the best of my abilities."


Election Report: Regional Coordinator for South America

Two applications were received for the election, that of Natalia Vargas and Paola Escobari both from Bolivia. Following the voting procedure:

  • 87.5% (7 out of 8) NPoCs participated in the election by casting a vote.
  • Natalia Vargas received 57.14% of the vote, and Paola Escobari received 42.86% of the votes.

We are happy to announce that Natalia Vargas (Bolivia) will be the new Regional Coordinator for South America! He will be working alongside current South American Regional Coordinator, Avid Roman Gonzalez (Peru).

Natalia Indira Vargas-Cuentas is an Electronic Engineer of the Military School of Engineering in La Paz Bolivia. She also acts as  research Assistant of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, Peru, and is currently following her postgraduate studies in Remote Sensing and Geo-Information Systems (RS & GIS) in the Master in Space Technology Applications (MASTA) in Beihang University (BUAA), Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific – RCSSTEAP. Beijing – China.

Prior to selection as Regional Coordinator, Natalia acted as National Point of Contact of Bolivia at the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), and was selected as the SGAC Member of the Month in October 2016. In addition, she was been the main organizer of the first and second congress of aerospace technology in Bolivia (Aerospace Bolivian Conference - ABC), and is treasurer of the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) of the Peru section.

Here is Natalia's Reaction:

"I feel more committed than ever to contribute and promote the space science and the coperation in the South American Region for recruit more students and young professionals with the same interest in aerospace technology."

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