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Jun 2012-Jun 2014
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Sep 2013-Sep 2015
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A hearty welcome to the SGAC Nigeria page!

Nigeria is currently consolidating its space program with plans to bolster and implement the 25 year roadmap. The much awaited inauguration of the National Space Council chaired by the President and the Vice-President serving as vice-chairman took place on the 11th of June, 2013 where presidential support for the space science and technology development in the country was affirmed. The space programme 25 year roadmap is as follows:

Goal: To develop, build and launch a Nigerian made satellite from Nigerian soil by 2030

  • 2011       Launch of NigeriaSat2&X
  • 2015       Training of Nigerian Astronaut & Launch of AstroSAR satellite
  • 2018       Development of Made in Nigeria Satellite
  • 2025       Development of Rocketry/Propulsion Systems
  • 2026       Spin-off of Allied Industries
  • 2028       Large Scale Commercialisation
  • 2030       Launch of Nigerian made satellites from Nigerian Launch Pad on Nigerian Soil

The Nigerian government has announced that preparations for the selection and training of an Nigerian astronaut would commence hopefully before the end of the year 2013. Similiarly, plans are also underway for the launch of a Nigerian owned synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite by 2015 in accordance with the next phase of the roadmap.


NigeriaSat X

Young Space Activities Overview in Nigeria

With the recent appointment of two new National Points of Contact (NPoCs) by the executive council, activities are expected to receive a much needed boost by carrying on from the great work of the previous NPoCs. Already space awareness seminars have been re-introduced for students and young professionals within the country’s space agency, the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA). This practice is expected to be sustained and be expanded to other sectors such as tertiary institutions, primary and secondary schools.


Country Specific Events in 2013

  • Symposium on Space Weather & Space Based Technologies. January 2013. Abuja. Keynote speaker was Prof. Christine Amory from France.
  • Space Weather Seminar and Training held at Bells University, Ota. February, 2013
  • Women in Physics Conference held at Covenant University, Ota. May 2013
  • CSTD Week 21-22 August.Abuja. Centre for Satellite Technology Development  2 day workshop with Theme: Achieving Space Benefits via Corporate Partnerships
  • NASRDA Press Briefing 23 August. Abuja. Commemoration of maiden communications satellite Syncom 2 phone conversation between US President Kennedy & Nigerian Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa on 23/8/1963
  • World Space Week. 1st Week of October. Abuja.
  • Astronomy Summer School/Workshop for West Africa. 21-25 October. NASRDA Hqtrs. Abuja. A five day Astronomy Summer School/Workshop for students and teachers from West Afric


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Nigeria

National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA)
Center for Space Science and Technology Education (CSSTE)
Center for Basic Space Sciences (CBSS)
GeoApps Plus Limited

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