SGAC Zimbabwe

National Point of Contact
Conrade Muyambo Constant Chuma
Conrade Muyambo
Jul 2013-Jul 2015
Constant Chuma
Nov 2013-Nov 2015
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Welcome to SGAC Zimbabwe! SGAC Zimbabwe seeks to promote space interest. It is looking to expand its impact and presence in the country. Our objective is to empower the young with space ideas and to create an informative and active space network or forum as a table to share ideas.

Currently Zimbabwe does not have any space organisation but has adopted some good space applications and ideas. Mobile, TV, Radio and Internet Communication heavily depends on satellite links .Zimbabwe also harnesses solar energy, as the shortage of electricity remains unabated. Mobile telecommunication companies have also adopted the use of solar energy to power their boosters and incorporate solar technologies in their products like solar chargers.  With the increasing devastating impact of weather-related disasters due to the accelerating change in climate, the time has come for Zimbabwe to join the rest of the world to be able to monitor extreme weather events. These are becoming more severe and costly in terms of life and property. Zimbabwe urged Amcomet to spearhead the establishment of an African Meteorology Space Programme leading to the launch and operation of an African meteorological satellite.

We urge our government, stakeholders and companies to embrace space technologies and above all we are advocating for the establishment of a space agency and space museum in Zimbabwe. Our vision statement is “Look beyond the sky and embrace the opportunities”

Get in touch with the NPoC of Zimbabwe, Mr Conrade Muyambo, to share ideas and get connected to the SGCA Zimbabwe Facebook page.

Our aim is to open space-related clubs and incorporate space knowledge in science clubs which already exists in schools from primary to university level. Currently no Zimbabwean university or institute offers space related courses at all levels. We plan to partner and engage with the Ministry of Science and Technology, so as to get support and resources.

Check out the dates for the upcoming events and activities below or on the SGCA Zimbabwe Facebook page.


Country-Specific Events in 2013

Space junk that fell in
Mhondoro, Zimbabwe
on 16Juy 2013





Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Zimbabwe

Mazowe Satellite Sation
Mazowe, Zimbawe


Chinhoyi University of Technology
National University of Science and Technology
University of Zimbabwe
Harare Institue of  Technology
Zimbabwe Air Force
Air Zimbabwe

Interesting web Links

Econet Zimbabwe’s solar lantern






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