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Czech Republic
Michal Kunes Ondrej Bruna
Michal Kunes
Feb 2014-Feb 2016
Ondrej Bruna
Mar 2011-Mar 2015
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Welcome to the SGAC Czech Republic country page! This page will provide you with a basic overview about space activities, events, organizations and points of contact of all kinds in the Czech Republic. While the Czech Republic may be in the centre of Europe, we need you, university students and young professionals, to raise the awareness and interest of our country in the stars.

Young Space Activities Overview
in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the main space education and outreach efforts are carried out by the Czech Space Office Education Department, which organises events, courses, visits and camps, including a Mars expedition. The department's aim is to get young people involved in spaces activities, such as the Space Generation Congress and the International Astronautical Congress, and to encourage them to study space-related subjects. The main goal is to inspire, motivate and support young people in their self-improvement in modern sciences and new technology.

Center of students activities
(Credit: Czech Space Office)

Universities carry their own space research in areas including measurement, control, material and structural sciences. Their motto is “Space education has to be game!” It has to be fun! It has to be challenging! These efforts in the Czech Republic are paying off.The European student moon orbiter is a great example of that. Students from Czech Technical University are now working on an AOCS interface module. Students from university of west Bohemia are working on CubeSat. Czech space activities are expanding and we can expect more in years to come. Czech Republic companies also work at internationally on projects related to space resistant electronics, communication, control, image processing, etc.  With their growth comes the inclusion of many bright Czech young professionals in the space industry.

Recent Country-specific Events 

2011 was an exciting year in the Czech Republic because of the participation in multiple projects including:

  • European Student Moon Orbiter, read more on the ESMO homepage!
  • SpaceMaster Scientific Conference, this year Czech Technical University in Prague accomplished organizing the first year for SpaceMaster students. For more information visit the local webpage.
  • Yuri’s night was organised in the Czech Republic.
  • Mars Expedition: Successfully finished.
  • Little Mole went to space – favorite Czech cartoon has flown on board of STS134

Plan for 2013


Space Gallery (Credit: Czech Space Office)
Expedition Mars (Credit: Czech Space Office)

Interesting Web Links for the Young
Generation in the Czech Republic

Groups and Organizations

All about space in the Czech Republic – Czech Space Office


Kosmo club (see their webpage) is also very interesting way of getting a picture about what is going on in the space. They are organizing lectures and events for general public.





Development and construction of tri-axial vector fluxgate magnetometer
for Czech satellite MIMOSA (Credit: Department of measurement Czech
Technical University in Prague,


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