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Welcome to the SGAC Jamaica page. Please read on to explore the latest information on space related activities in Jamaica and find out how to play your part in Jamaica’s space advocacy movement.


Young Space Activities
Overview in Jamaica

The profile of space on Jamaica’s national agenda continues to be raised due to the tireless work of Jamaica’s growing space advocacy movement. Partnering in SGAC’s efforts to engage the youth of Jamaica is the Astronomical Association of Jamaica (AAJ). The AAJ is the premier space group in Jamaica which advocates for all levels of space and scientific enquiry. Founded over 60 years ago, this institution continues to bring the wonders of the planets, stars and galaxies to the eyes and minds of many Jamaicans with its ever expanding itinerary of activities.

For more information make sure to check out our interesting link section below, and the national report of Jamaica in SGAC's 2012 annual report. To participate in the ground-breaking programmes being spearheaded by the AAJ, contact the SGAC NPoC for Jamaica or, alternatively, contact the AAJ directly.


Jamaica Image 1
AAJ launches its Montego Bay Chapter

Jamaica Image 2
AAJ brings army and civilians together 
at the 2012 Transit of 
Venus (ToV) star party

Jamaica Image 3
A young visitor to Jamaica takes his first 
look through a telescope – another form 
of space tourism

Country-Specific Events in 2013

  • AAJ School Astro Clubs: This initiative began in Kingston, in 2010 and in 2012 launched its first Astro Club in Montego Bay the growing second city on the opposite side of the island. The Astro Club initiative distributes Galileoscopes to schools and trains teachers how to effectively use them in their lessons under the Galileo Teacher Training Project (GTTP).
  • AAJ Star Parties: The AAJ, the president of which is Jamaican National Coordinator for Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) hosts several star parties throughout the year around astronomical events and other initiatives such as Global Astronomy Month (GAM) in April.
  • Yuri's Night (9-12 April): The AAJ hosts a star party as part of the celebration with thousands of people around the globe celebrating human spaceflight.
  • World Space Week (4-10 October): A celebration of humankind's first successful venture into space - the orbiting of Sputnik, the first man-made Earth satellite. World Space Week is slated for the first week of October.
  • Other events: This listing of events is not exhaustive, therefore, to keep fully abreast of the AAJ’s 2013 activities, visit the website listed in the links below.


Interesting Web Links for the Space Generation in Jamaica

Associations and institutes

Astronomical Association of Jamaica
Caribbean Institute of Astronomy

Educational institutions with space focused courses

University of the West Indies

General interest

Spacetime journey with Jamaican Historian, Dr. Joy Lumsden







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