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National Points of Contact
Carmen Felix
Carmen Felix
Mar 2011-Mar 2015
Alejandro Cordova Lopez
Oct 2014-Oct 2016
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Welcome to Mexico SGAC page! We want you to be part of Mexico’s journey in the space industry! The purpose of this page is to link the new generations of Mexican space sector leaders. We firmly believe that putting together today the future players of the Mexican space sector will result in a more prosperous tomorrow for the country and the entire region. If you like space, feel free to join us! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional in the space industry or if you just feel the enthusiastic spirit about the topic, this is a free group and we will be happy to hear your ideas and count with your help! There is a lot to do for Mexico. This worldwide community is yours, be part of it! We want to see in the future a New Mexican space generation of young space professionals, full of energy and bright ideas! This is fun, entertaining, educative and exciting! What are you waiting for? Join us!


Young Space Activities Overview in Mexico

Mexico Image 1

NPoC Carmen Felix giving a talk at
IPN together with AEMs representatives


Mexico Image 2

NPoC Carmen Felix SGAC NPoC
Mexico giving a talk at UNAM

Mexico Image 3
SGAC Team during the UNCOPUOS
meeting in Vienna last year,
with participation of Mexico

In Mexico, the interest for space has a long history, where main characters have been curious and adventurous young people. Through the projects that we are developing on our national universities and the independent clubs and societies, we are getting pretty unstoppable. We have realized that space science and engineering can be a big motivation in the eternal human quest to find our place in the universe.

During 2013 several space events were held in the country, involving young people. The Mexican astronaut Jose Hernandez gave conferences in different universities and participates actively during the celebration of World Space Week. The first International Congress of Science and Aerospace Technology (CICYTA) was held in Jalisco. AEM´s Deputy Director for Space Science and Technology Affairs, Enrique Pacheco became member of the SGAC´s advisory board. In December several SGAC conferences were held in universities like UNAM, UAM, and IPN, reaching out to more young students and young professionals to join the SGAC.

Good News: Guadalajara City was selected to host the International Astronautical Congress in 2016!!!


Country-specific events in 2013

  • INAOE Seminars: You can attend some of the scientific conferences that INAOE is offering during the entire year.
  • Aero Expo 2014: 11ª AeroExpo, March 2014. To be held in Toluca International Airport.
  • Expo CIAM: Mexico´s most important Aviation Trade Show! November 7th - 9th, 2014. Cancun, Mexico
  • FEMIA: Federación Mexicana de la Industria Aeroespacial, website where you can find all the events related to the Aerospace Industry!
  • Space Boot Camp: Three days Space Camp organized by the Mexican Space Agency in different parts of the country.


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Mexico

Groups, People,Institutions

Education Institutions



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