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National Point of Contact
Wenqian Wang
Wenqian Wang
May 2015-May 2017
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Welcome to the national page of China! We believe it does not matter whether you are studying or working in the space field or whether you are just interested in space generally, you can always play a role in the development of space. “Space” is a broad topic... each one of us has to explore what it means individually. Explore this page to find out more about China in space, and let us start our journey together from here. Join us!


Young Space Activities Overview in China

Aerospace related areas in China have developed very promisingly in the past few years. Many young Chinese have subsequently decided to devote themselves to space-related areas. The enrolment in aero-universities and the number of new aerospace employees are growing. Further, there are many exhibitions all year round in different cities of China, which are attracting a growing number of attendees. When talking about space, people often express how proud they are of the astronauts and the technology that has made spaceflight possible. SGAC China is here to pull these young people together to grow our solidarity domestically and internationally in the exploration and development of space!


Country-Specific Activities in 2013

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Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in China


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