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National Points of Contact
Kenta Sada
Oct 2014-Oct 2016

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Japan has its own space agency (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA) and has been taking an important role in space activities. Furthermore, many new space ventures and efforts as a private sector are started to show up in Japan. Space activities among the young people are of course vigorous and passionate, including the SGAC activities in Japan. 


Overview of Activities

In Japan, we have met a lot of space colleagues in the world through SGAC activities, SGC, and other aerospace events. We hope to develop more real business relationships with them. We are now focusing on communicating well with each SGAC Japan member, keeping in touch with the participants of the past SGCs and spreading the word about the great experiences in SGAC to space enthusiasts in Japan.

Visions of SGAC Japan:

  1. To communicate well with each SGAC Japan member
  2. To keep in touch with the participants of the past SGCs
  3. To spread the word about the great experiences in SGAC to space enthusiasts in Japan
  4. To encourage more members from Japan to participate in SGC
  5. To warmly welcome SGAC members who visit Japan

SGAC Japan members network is accessible via the SGAC Japan mailing list group!

Let’s challenge ourselves together to open up new access to space with passion, creativity, and strong will!


Country-Specific Events in 2016

AP-SGW (2014) in Keio University, Yokohama 


SGC Round Table Talk Event


Briefing Session of SGC2014 and AP-SGW

SGAC Japan members at SGAC 2014


23 Jan: Round talk event (Space Travel Japan)

24 Mar: Space Job Hunting

12-15 Oct: Japan International Aerospace Exhibition


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Japan

Non-Profit Organization (NPO)

Technical Research Units

Local Units

Space Media

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