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Welcome to the SGAC Russia page!

Russia has a great history of space exploration, having launched the first satellite and the first man in space. Its contribution to the space sector development is enormous and still continues to grow. Despite having gone through many changes and obstacles in recent decades, Russia still occupies a leading position in the space sector. Space achievements give inspiration and hope for people all over the country. SGAC Russia is here to make it easier for the Russian university students and young professionals to build a stronger network, enhance their voice in space policy, and develop their leadership skills!


Young Space Activities Overview in Russia

This year for Russian Space was exciting and full of interesting activities. The interest in the space industry rose in 2012 and the sector became stronger. Lots of scientific events such as conferences, forums and space meetings were organized in Russia this year. Young professionals and students were involved in many projects at schools and universities. They had exciting opportunities to challenge themselves by participating in different space related contests. Space science received a new life in festivals.

In the beginning of this year Yuri’s Night parties were thundered around Russia!

As usual lots of satellites conferences and schools programs were conducted during the year. A project called “Space lessons” – a special course of lectures giving from ISS for children – was launched.

And we hope next year will hold this high level of interest to space science!

Aside from these academic and professional activities, there are various astronomical clubs spread all over the country where young enthusiasts can share their passion and interests. SGAC hopes to link you to them and them to you!

We are always ready to help you with your international experience!

For more information make sure to check out our interesting link section below, and the national report of Russia in SGAC's annual report 2012!


Country-Specific Events in 2013


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Russia

Groups, people

The Youth Space Center
Moscow Astronomy Club
Tomsk Astronomy Club
Kazansk astronomy Club
Astronomy Forum
Free Space Simulator (made in St-Petersburg) 
Club of Space Armatures “Space Crew”, Moscow
Club of Young Cosmonauts, St-Petersburg
Part-time Astronomy School, Moscow
Evening Astronomy School, Moscow
Russian network pages about SGAC and

Organizations, Institutions

Russian space agency Roscosmos
Mission Control Centre
Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation
Samara Space Research Centre
Star city: or
Russian Federal Space Agency
Volga region space center  (Russian Academy of science)
Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (NTs OMZ)

Useful links:

News about space
Moscow Planetariums: and
Moscow Museum of space
Mars-500 Project


Aerospace studies at Moscow State Technical University n. a. N. E. Bauman
University of Aerospace Technology (Moscow)
Samara Aerospace Institute n.a. S.P. Korolev

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