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Daniel Brack
Aug 2014-Aug 2016

Yevgeny Tsodikovich
Mar 2015-Mar 2017

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Welcome to the page of SGAC Israel! Since 2002, when the first Israeli delegates participated at the World Space Congress, Israeli students and young space professionals have become part of the global Space Generation. Israel has a developed local aerospace industry, building and launching its own satellites. There is also a strong interest in space education and activities, including satellite design and operation, space research and astronomy.

Israel was honored to host the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) and the Space Generation Congress (SGC) in Jerusalem in 2015. Israel has also won the privilege to host the International Space University's (ISU) Space Studies Program (SSP) in the summer of 2016 in the Technion, Haifa.  


Young Space Activities Overview

The local activities that young professionals and students take part in include university satellite design at the Technion in Haifa (SAMSON project) and at Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheva (BGUSat\NegevSat).

The Weizmann Institute is designing together with NASA and the Israeli space community the first Israeli space research mission called ULTRASAT. 

The SpaceIL foundation is planning on launching its lunar lander during 2017 in the Google Lunar X-Prize competition. SpaceIL is also focusing efforts on encouraging Israeli youth to study STEM related subjects.

The Herzliya Space Laboratory has launched its first high school level CubeSat in June 2014 (Duchifat-1) and is now planning its second satellite as a part of the QB50 project together with partner high schools from Yeruham.

The Israeli Space Agency awards young space professionals and students with the Ilan Ramon Scholarship to attend the International Space University Space Studies Program (ISU SSP).  


Country-Specific Activities in 2016

January 2016 - The Eleventh Ilan Ramon Annual International Space Conference, including an SGxIsrael conference, Herzelya

February 2016 – The 56th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences, Tel Aviv and Haifa

July 2016 – The International Space University's Space Studies Program, Haifa

Summer 2016 – SpaceUp event, Haifa


Interesting Weblinks for the Young Generation in Israel

SAMSON Project

 SpaceIL Mission Patch

SGAC Israel Facebook page

Officials and Organizations

The Israeli Space Agency
The Israeli Astronomical Association
The Ramon Foundation

Universities and Research Institutes

Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI)

The Technion Aerospace Faculty

Tel Aviv University Department of Astrophysics

Tel Aviv University Astronomy Club

Nano-satellite & CubeSats Projects

SAMSON project - Technion                         
Duchifat-1 - A CubeSat developed and built by secondary school students
INSA - Israeli Nano-Satellite Association & the InKlajn-1 CubeSat

Going to the Moon

SpaceIL - SpaceIL is an Israeli team competing for the Google Lunar X Prize, their mission is to make Israel the third country in the world to place a flag on the Moon.

Space Educational Projects

Ramon SpaceLab and NSL Satellites Ltd - Scientific experiments onboard the ISS as part of an educational project for school children 
Herzliya Space Laboratory
Space Week and Space Education Conference
SpaceIL educational activities


Glimpses from SGC and IAC 2015





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