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Argentina’s first activities in the space field go back to 1961, when the National Commission for Space Research (Comisión Nacional de Investigaciones Espaciales, CNIE) was first established within the Argentine Air Forces area.  A civil engineer, Mr. Teofilo Tabanera conducted the beginnings of the new entity as its first president.  CONAE’s Space Center in the province of Córdoba has been named in his honor. CNIE, working with local and international partners, carried out the first southern hemisphere scientific atmospheric physics using rockets and stratospheric balloons.

Together with the Argentine Institute of Aeronautics and Space Research, CNIE designed and constructed a family of one- and two-stage sounding rockets, i.e. the Orion, the Rigel and the Castor, which were launched from Chamical, in the Province of La Rioja. 

The first Latin American course on space survey matters was organized by CNIE at the Bariloche Atomic Center, located in the Province of Rio Negro.  NASA scientists and experts from Harvard, Iowa and Rice Universities lectured at this course, which was amply attended by Argentine professionals as well as by Brazilian, Chilean and Colombian colleagues.

In 1991, the Argentine Government decreed the creation of the National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE) as a civil entity reporting directly to the President. Since 1996, this specialized agency accomplishes its mission governed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The progress has continued through to today with the development of new satellite technologies within the government and private sector, reinforcing that Argentina is indeed an actor in the international space community. Therefore, it’s important to bring new players, young and dedicated individuals to collaborate and develop new ties with the international community to participate and bring space closer to us.

For those interested in the history of Argentina’s space activities, Pablo de León (a former Argentina’s SGAC NPOC) has released his new book titled “Historia de la Actividad Espacial en la Argentina” which covers space activities until the year 1980. The book can be purchased from here.

The Argentinean Space Agency (CONAE) and several other private organizations such as the AATE, INVAP, ARSAT, CEATSA are always interested in new projects and pushing forward the limits of science and technology. Young professionals and students are key participants in the future of Argentina’s Space Programme and the objective of SGAC is to bring them together to create a solid foundation for the development and exploration of space.


Satellite Launches

(2014) ARSAT1 LAUNCH. First geostationary satellite built in Latin America!

  • ARSAT-1 is a geostationary communications satellite operated by AR-SAT and built by the Argentinian company INVAP. ARSAT-1 was launched into orbit on October 16, 2014 from French Guiana alongside Intelsat-30 satellite using an Ariane 5 rocket. It is expected to be located at 72º West longitude geostationary slot.

- (2011) SAD D See link

- (2000) SAD C See link

- (1998) SAD A See link

- (1996) SAD B See link

Country-Specific Events in 2015

Future Events:

- South American Regional Space Generation Workshop 2015

  • The South America Space Generation Workshop (SA-SGW) will be a two-day workshop, 4th and 5th of May, for university students and young professionals in the South American region. SA-SGW will take place in conjunction with the 8th Argentine Congress of Space Technology (8th CATE) in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 6 - 8th May 2015. APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN!!

- VIII Argentinean Congress for Space Technology 2015 Buenos Aires city (6 to 8 May 2015)

Past Events:

Seminar "Challenges of Latin American Space Sector" (2014)

Space Science works:

  • Young Students present their work in space science, very interesting information.

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Argentina

Groups, Institutions

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Theoretical and Experimental Astronomy Institute
Space Physics and Astronomy Institute
National Library of Aeronautics
Argentina Astronomy Association
Aeroespacio Magazine


National University of La Plata Astronomy
National University of La Plata Aeronautics
National University of Comahue Space Group
National Technological University of Haedo Aerospace Technology Group
National Aeronautics Institute
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