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It is 2016 already and Bolivia is starting a “Space Era”. In this new era we must to be a country with capacity to do research activities and to develop our own technology, that is why Bolivia is starting with the training of young professionals.

SGAC – Bolivia is proud, because it is helping with the main objective of the country and is taking giant steps in their mission to promote knowledge of space science among the young students and professionals. We are looking for space enthusiasts like you! Come join SGAC Bolivia!


Young Space Activities Overview in Bolivia

By now SGAC Bolivia have gained many new members and we are focusing on developing new projects in 2016 to promote and develop  aerospace technology for the general public of Bolivia.

New members were really active this past years, as a clear example we created Latin America’s group L.A.D.A. (Latin America Discovery Adventure.

The Bolivian Space Generation is ready for 2016 and all the opportunities to expanding  our network and find  young enthusiasts, animated to actively participate in space activities of our South American Region.


Bolivia Image 1Country-Specific Events in 2016

Goals for the upcoming year focus on expanding the SGAC network in Bolivia, increasing awareness of space, and encouraging the people of our country, especially youths to actively participate in space activities, that is why SGAC Bolivia has planned the following activities for the upcoming year:

 2nd Aerospace Bolivian Conference (ABC), La Paz City (27-29 July): The conference would be held at the Military School of Engineering (EMI) in the beautiful city of La Paz - Bolivia, the conference will have the participation of of national and international keynote-speakers from countries like France, Germany, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia. []

 South American Space Generation Workshop (SA-SGW): Is proposed to be a two-day regional workshop for university students and young     professionals in the South American region. SA-SGW will take place in Lima, Peru on 3 - 4th August 2016 in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

 World Space Week: Semana Mundial del Espacio – Boliva (4-10 October): As a world-wide event Bolivia is taking part once again.

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Bolivia     

Agencia Bolviana Espacial (Bolivian Space Agency) 

Max Schreier Planetarium (UMSA)

Bolivian Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad

SGAC – South America Facebook Page


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