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It is 2013 already! A whole new year to come and a lot of experiences learnt in the past year. SGAC – Bolivia is proud to announce the new activities for 2013 and the months to come. So far projects have been made and space exploration is taking giant leaps. Things are getting ready for the launch of our very first satellite! Young professionals are already in China learning all they need in order to get us in orbit. As the months pass more activities will be performed! Come join SGAC – Bolivia! We are looking for space enthusiasts like you!


Young Space Activities Overview in Bolivia

New member were really active this year, even though it is a small group so far, the enthusiasm is not, Bolivia has taken active part in SGAC the past year, as a clear example is the participation in SGAC’s Find an Asteroid program, where with the organization of many we created Latin America’s group L.A.D.A. (Latin America Discovery Adventure. Along with this wonderful experience came others, we are taking active part in all groups and activities.

The Bolivian Space Generation is ready for 2013 and all the opportunities that come along with it.


Bolivia Image 1Country-Specific Events in 2013

These are just some of the activities for this year, there can be modifications and hopefully even more activities to come:

  • Yuri’s night Bolivia, La Paz City (12 April): After the first Yuri’s night we plan to make this year’s event even bigger! Maybe some sponsors and a party.
  • Bolivian Space Week: It all started as a small event with a conference about Bolivian progress so far, this was given in a local school with some students, we are planning to make it bigger this year, the idea is to learn and improve, so that we can have a nice activity.
  • World Space Week: Semana Mundial del Espacio – Boliva (4-10 October): As a world-wide event Bolivia is taking part once again.
  • SGAC Week: This activity was kind of small but with help of new members there are plans to have more support and with a better organization some great can be done 


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Bolivia

Agencia Bolviana Espacial (Bolivian Space Agency)
Max Schreier Planetarium (UMSA)
Bolivian Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad
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