The 4th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop (AP-SGW 2017)

What is my Role?

The APSGW 2017 will be the fourth installment, and participants’ experience in past APSGWs have been nothing short of enriching, both intellectually as well as professionally. Come expected to meet, and learn from and grow with youths experienced in the space industry, engaged in the academia or simply interested in the exhilarating field of space.

During the AP-SGW, participants will spend most of their time listening to expert speakers, applying these knowledge during the Working Group discussions and then sharing the results of the discussion with the other Working Groups during the Group Presentations. The topics are designed to be closely related to the APRSAF, of which the AP-SGW is an official side event. Just to give you an idea, this year, the Technology Working Group will emphasize on use CubeSats as an enabler of Space Technology in Developing Nations, together with discussing the aspects of using Space Technology in enhancing the governance and development, which is the theme of this years APRSAF.

This year, APSGW also features an additional Speed Mentoring Session with young entrepreneurs of already established Space-startups in Asia-Pacific region, with an opportunity for a one-on-one interaction towards nurturing the budding entrepreneur in You. A golden chance that many of you wouldn’t like to miss !

The two-and-half day APSGW will not be the end, in fact to many participants it would barely be the end of a beginning, for the friendships and projects developed during the two days will be carried on after the conference through systematic networking. You should expect to develop your ideas to make them worthy of being shared at a conference, reach out to a wider Asia-Pacific audience regarding space awareness, bring together youth from different countries to build a true regional space community, and achieve many other things. As past participants have realised, your joining the workshop would be a beginning to a long-lasting involvement in the Asia-Pacific space scene.  


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