The 4th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop (AP-SGW 2017)

About AP-SGW and its Goals

AP-SGW follows on from 17 years of success by the globally recognised Space Generation Congress (SGC). SGC the annual SGAC conference in association with the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) brings together top young minds from around world to focus on key space topics. SGC fosters a unique environment of students, young professionals, academia, agency and industry to develop compelling and innovative policy recommendations on pressing space topics. AP-SGW looks to emulate that success and focus on the key Asia-Pacific region, which is the largest growing space region in terms of space technology utilization and development.

AP-SGW is a regional forum for students and young professionals to discuss pressing space topics, and share their insights with different stakeholders in the space sector. Held in conjunction with APRSAF, and modeled on the globally recognised Space Generation Congress (SGC),  AP-SGW has successfully helped connect the next generation of space professionals in the region with policy makers.

AP-SGW strives to achieve its goals:

(i) To strengthen the regional network of the students and young professionals in the Asia-Pacific Region;

(ii) To examine and consider key questions that regional space community is facing in Asia-Pacific region and to provide inputs from the next generation of space professionals;

(iii) To allow tomorrow’s space sector leaders in the Asia-Pacific region to have the opportunity to interact with today’s space leaders in the region through the cooperation with APRSAF.

Past AP-SGW Events

3rd AP-SGW 2016 was held in Los Baños, Philippines and was attended by 61 delegates from 11 countries.The working groups discussed on Space Diplomacy, Space Applications in Agriculture, Space Economy and GNSS.

2nd AP-SGW, 2015 was held in Bali, Indonesia and was attended by 45 delegates from 13 countries. Working groups discussed on crucial topics such as strategic partnerships between the Asia Pacific countries, Space Security and Regulations, Benefits of Space Applications, Commercial Space Sector and Space Education.

1st AP-SGW, 2014 was held in Yokohama, Japan, and attended by 36 delegates from 14 countries. There were keynote speeches from JAXA and IAF officials. The working groups discussed on topics such as consolidated Asia-Pacific Space Agency, Space-Sector Economy, Technology Advancement and Space outreach activities.


Delegates and Organizing Team at AP-SGW 2016 at Los Baños, Philippines


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