4th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop

Entrepreneurship Speed Mentoring Event

This year’s AP-SGW also features a new optional Speed Mentoring Event. During the event, aspiring young space entrepreneurs will have the precious opportunity to share their ideas, exchange understanding with and learn from established Space professionals in the region.

Schedule: November 13, 2017 (Monday)
Time: 9:00 - 13:00
Venue: RG Royal Hotel, Yeshwantpur
Speech - 7 minutes, with 90 minutes of Discussion with Delegates in Smaller Groups
SME Schedule available here


Confirmed Speakers in Speed Mentoring Session:

1) Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya, Founder and CEO, Bhattacharya Space Enterprises, Singapore

Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya is a rocket scientist and entrepreneur with experience in spacecraft development and operations, academic administration, scientific research, and technical writing. She is the co-founder of Astropreneurs HUB, Southeast Asia's first space technology incubator, and Founder & CEO of Bhattacharya Space Enterprises, a Singaporean startup dedicated to space-related education and training.
Her previous experience includes over two decades with NASA as a scientist and engineer. She has analyzed and synthesized technical information and played a key role in fostering communication between academic and industrial teams with varying priorities and work cultures, both within the US and overseas. NASA projects have included the Hubble Space Telescope, the Mars Rover Program, the Galileo Mission to Jupiter, the European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory, and others.

2) Mr. Divyanshu Poddar, Chief Educator, Rocketeers Research Institute, India 

Mr. Divyanshu Poddar is the founder for Rocketeers. He is a serial entrepreneur with companies such as Pub'd-Up and Specific Impulse Technologies under his belt. A BTech in Aerospace Engineering from the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology(IIST), he specializes in manufacturing technology and business strategy. He is responsible for complete manufacturing and production of model rockets. He established the first Model United Nations chapter of Kerala and has been a core committee head for finance and publicity for the technical festival at IIST and has worked in the team of Chandrayan--II for a short period of time.


3) Mr. Raghav Sharma, Founder, Xovian, India

Mr. Raghav Sharma is an engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar. He worked on a project on new and alternative Propulsion system for rockets and short range missiles and published research paper in the International Federation for Automation Control in partnership with Elsevier. He is a speaker and interacted with many students from prestigious institutes across India including IITs, NITs, Central and Private Universities. 
After a job experience in the procurement dept. of Escorts Auto Products, he formed his Aerospace venture named Xovian. The company envisage in providing low cost sustainable solutions in satellite manufacturing. The company started its journey by introducing satellite technologies through CANSAT educational modules for University students. The CANSAT module is one of the world’s cheapest module developed for Asia-Pacific region. The company gradually paced up its research and development and tested its 1st amateur rocket which caught the nationwide attention through print and digital media. Since then the company keeps on conducting amateur rocket launches which finds its usefulness in local weather monitoring. In 2015 Xovian signed a MOU with PES University, Bangalore (India) for the joint development in the satellite technologies.

4) Mr. Prateep Basu, COO, SatSure, India

Mr. Prateep Basu is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at SatSure Ltd. He is a seasoned space industry professional with work experience in both the business and technology front. An aerospace engineer from the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology(IIST), Trivandrum with post-graduation in Space Studies from the International Space University, Strasbourg, Mr. Basu has worked as a scientist at ISRO, and as a geospatial industry analyst at Boston based Northern Sky Research (NSR), a global market research and consulting firm focused on commercial space industry, prior to starting SatSure – a geospatial Big Data analytics company, based out of London and Bangalore. Mr. Basu's LinkedIn Profile Link.


5) Mr. Gadhadar Reddy, Co-founder, NoPo Nanotechnologies India Private Limited, India 

Mr. Gadhadar has been passionate about space since childhood. He pursued this interest by attending summer schools in Space and an Honors Diploma in Space Sciences. In these courses, he learned Quantum Physics to explain stability and evolution of stars. This coupled with a burning desire to build stuff led him to Nanotechnology. The poster child of Nanotechnology for Space Applications is Carbon Nanotube. 
He founded NoPo Nanotechnologies to pursue this passion. NoPo is developing technology for space by solving problems on the ground such as water filtration and transportation using Carbon Nanotubes. He led his team to win the 4th International Space Power Competition of SGAC in 2015 for a concept on Carbon Nanotube based Space Power. He attended Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program 2016 as the sole Indian. NoPo ranked among Bangalore’s Top 3 Technology Startups in 2016 by EO CARES and India’s Top 5 Innovative Technology Companies in 2017 by Lockheed Martin-DST-Tata Trusts.


6) Mr. Prasad Bhat, Chairman and CTO, Astrome Technologies, India 

Mr. Bhat is a co-founder of Astrome and holds the designation of Chairman & CTO. He is a serial entrepreneur and a researcher. He did his Bachelors in Electrical engineering from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka (NITK) and  Masters and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Automation engineering from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. During the last year of his PhD, he co-founded his first company Streamoid Technologies. In Streamoid, he lead the development of core IP in visual research domain that the company is now successfully monetizing. Streamoid is incorporated in both US and India. Prasad has also published a highly rated book on Stochastic Optimization in Springer Link. He has expertise in several domains of engineering such as control and automation engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, computer science, multi-agent systems, stochastic systems, image and video processing. Prasad loves core technology development and has been an architect for various technologies including a microsatellite, a visual search engine, a stochastic game theory solver, the software tool for the latest 3D measurement TI chipset.


7) Mr. Sanjay Nekkanti, Business Development, Exceed Space, India

Mr. Nekkanti is a seasoned technology entrepreneur bringing in rich experience of working with companies in areas of space technology, electronics systems design & manufacturing. Sanjay co-founded India’s first small satellite enterprise Dhruva Space in 2012. Utilisation of small satellite platforms and building applications around IoT, Imagery based decision intelligence, innovative voice & data communications is what he finds exciting. Prior to founding Dhruva Space, Sanjay worked on Small Satellite programs and Stratospheric experiments in Asia & Europe. Notable among them are the SRMSAT mission, India’s first student satellite project & Velox Missions from Singapore. He was instrumental in the development of a scientific instrument to detect size and shape of ice-crystals in clouds, a project supported by the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC).
Sanjay has a Bachelor’s in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from SRM University, Chennai. He is an EGIDE scholar and has a double Master’s degree in Space Technology & Spacecraft Instrumentation from Sweden & France. Sanjay enjoys making long-distance contacts through Ham Radio & growing plants using Hydroponics in his leisure time.


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