SGAC is looking for two new Regional Coordinators in the Asia-Pacific Region

8 June 2015

Space Generation Advisory Council is looking for two active volunteers for the positions of Regional Coordinator (RC) in the Asia-Pacific Region. Please read further to apply, or to nominate someone you feel can help this region benefit with their energy and abilities!

Application Deadline: 30 June 2015 Deadline Extended: 20 July 2015

If you are interested, please consult the eligibility requirements found in the SGAC Statutes and Bylaws on the SGAC web page. If you are eligible and interested in the position, you will need to secure the nomination of two National Points of Contact (NPoC) in the region.

To apply, please submit your head shot photo, CV (including date of birth), and a letter of intent including the name of your supporters to the SGAC co-Chairs Victoria Alonsoperez and Stephanie Wan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) no later than 30 June 2015.

Following the deadline, the National Points of Contact in the Asia Pacific Region will be presented with the letters of intent and CVs of all applicants. Only current NPoC of the Asia Pacific Region are eligible to vote and will be notified of specific voting instructions. 

Frequently asked questions about the position are listed below. Please feel free to contact the SGAC co-Chairs for further information.

"I'm interested in becoming a Regional Coordinator - what are you looking for and how do I apply?"

The SGAC is looking for active young persons interested in space who would like to become RC for their region. For this, submit a good photo of you (head shot, as found on the team page, CV (that includes date of birth), and letter of intent including the name of your supporters to the SGAC co-Chairs (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Who are Regional Coordinators?

RCs are SGAC volunteers that are interested to be the point of contact for an entire SGAC in a region.

Together with the Executive Office the Regional Coordinators are part of the SGAC Executive Council which is responsible for decision-making within the organisation and taking care of day-to-day activities.

According to our official by-laws:

  • NPoCs, RCs and Executive Council Chairpersons shall be citizens of a United Nations member State, be an SGAC member at the date of appointment and preferably able to complete their term by the age of 35 (though exceptional circumstances may be taken into consideration), demonstrate leadership and teamwork experience; possess good communication skills in English and preferably in other United Nations official languages; have a good understanding of space and cultural issues; have knowledge of the United Nations (UN) organisation and its objectives; have knowledge of the UN COPUOS and its objectives; have preferably hands-on experience in youth projects and space-related projects.
  • Regional Coordinators are individuals elected by the NPoCs in their respective regions to the SGAC Executive Committee. Eligible candidates who wish to run for RC shall secure nomination of at least two NPoCs. Candidates shall declare their desire for the position, and produce a manifesto outlining why they wish to be a RC and what they hope to achieve in that role. The Executive Office will then make the resume available to the NPoCs of the respective region.
  • Regional Coordinators are elected for a term of two years, and may serve a second term consecutive term if nominated and elected legitimately according to the SGAC Statutes and Bylaws. Regional Coordinators may serve a maximum of 2 terms and are not eligible be re-elected as a National Points of Contact.
  • Regional Coordinators should normally be resident in the region that they represent.

What do we expect from Regional Coordinators?

The SGAC encourages RCs to take personal initiatives with their roles to spread the enthusiasm for peaceful space exploration around their own region! However, this role is an important responsibility, and there are a number of expectations that the organisation has of you.

  • RCs shall communicate regularly with their region's Co-RC (preferably at least once a week) to update each other on plans and activities to coordinate collaborative efforts for their region.
  • All RCs shall assist and coordinate the activities of the NPoCs within their region towards meeting the SGAC objectives. In countries with no NPoCs, the RCs shall recruit new NPoCs.
  • RCs shall mentor the NPoCs within their region, to enable them to reach their full potential in fulfilling their role as a member of the Space Generation Advisory Council.
  • RCs shall maintain regular contact with NPoCs and space organisations within their region.
  • RCs shall gather and enforce reports from their region's NPoCs and submit them to the Council.

What incentives can you expect as a Regional Coordinator?

    • Meeting and working with like-minded people all over the world.
    • Being given priority for scholarships.
    • Being recognized on the SGAC website and annual reports.
    • Participating in space projects and space events.
    • Bringing the voice of the youth of your region to the UN.
    • Changing your country, your region, and the world.
    • Learning new skills by participating in the leadership of SGAC.

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