5 April 2016

The SGAC is seeking a volunteer to join the executive office as our Executive Co-Secretary. If you are an SGAC member who is looking for an opportunity to become more involved in a role that offers challenging, rewarding, and professional skill-building experiences, then apply today!

Deadline for Applications: 30 April 2016


23 February 2016

SGAC is looking for energetic and motivated volunteers to join the team and help organise the Space Generation Congress in Mexico.

We are committed to having a highly successful Congress and this takes the dedication of selecting the right volunteers. Benefits for all of these positions include developing invaluable project management skills, leadership experience, and international working experience. Applications are open to all SGAC members.

Please read further and apply, or nominate someone you feel would be a great addition to this team.

Deadline for Application: 22 March 2016  Extended: 6 April 2016


11 February 2016

SGAC is looking for volunteers to fill Co-Lead positions for the Near-Earth Objects Project Group. The co-leads will work under the supervision of the SGAC Project Coordinators to help plan the activities of the project group and prepare the relevant reports regarding these activities. 

Deadline for Application: 4 March 2016 


8 February 2016

SGAC is looking for a volunteer to join our team as Project Coordinator. Project coordinators are tasked with overseeing the activities of SGAC project groups and report to the SGAC executive council. The new Projector Coordinator will work with current project coordinator,  Ana Raposo (Portugal), under the supervision of the SGAC Executive Director, Minoo Rathnasabapathy.

Deadline for Application: 15 March 2016


26 January, 2016

As the term of SGAC's current Chair, Victoria Alonsoperez (Uruguay), is slowly coming to an end, SGAC is excited to announce that nominations are open for a new Co-Chair person. The new Co-Chair will work alongside Stephanie Wan (USA) and the Executive Committee to shape the future of SGAC.

Deadline for Applications: 10th March, 2016


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