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Shashank Khurana
Shashank Khurana
Jul 2016-Jul 2018
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Welcome to the national page of SGAC India! India has had a space programme since 1962. It has grown over the years from launching sounding rockets from Thumba to sending spacecrafts into lunar orbits. The success of Chandrayaan-1, India's maiden lunar probe, has awakened interest in the Indian space programme. Future prospects include human spaceflight, interplanetary missions and socially relevant programmes, and space applications. SGAC keeps growing in the Indian region as many young people are inspired by the successful space activities of India. We hope you will join us!


Young Space Activities Overview in India

India has traditionally been a place of astronomy since Aryabhata, a famous Indian mathematician, who lived about 1,500 years ago. Several amateur astronomy clubs have spread across the country recently, inspired by the recent success of Chandrayaan. Several student satellite projects are in development and two such satellites have been launched with help from ISRO. SGAC has worked actively in linking people involved in these clubs with each other. Activities in the various astronomy and space clubs include star gazing, rover engineering, small satellite development, quiz competitions, space art creation and many other things.


Space Activities India 2013

This year will be a historic one for Indian space sector as ISRO Gears up for Launch of GSLV Mk-III the next generation Geosynchronous Launchers. Other Scheduled and tentative launches are as follows:

Successful Launch(s):

PSLV C20 FLP carrying SARAL, Sapphire, NEOSSat, BRITE, UniBRITE, AAUSAT3 and STRaND-1

Tentative Launch(s):

  • GSLV-D5 (Mk II return to flight) SLP- GSAT-14
  • PSLV C25 (XL) – Mangal Yaan (Mars Orbiter)
  • GSLV Mk III X1, SLP - "atmospheric test"


Country-Specific Events in 2013

Coming soon!


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in India

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
ISRO Student's Corner (Contains interesting flash based interactive content about space, India's launch vehicles and the Space Museum)

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