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Kamen Kozarev
Kamen Kozarev
May 2015-May 2017
Stanimir Gantchev
May 2015-May 2017
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Bulgaria became the sixth country to launch a person in space when in 1979 Georgi Ivanov flew onboard Soyuz 33. Bulgaria signed European Cooperating State agreement with the European Space Agency on 8 April 2015 and an Information day was organized on 29 April. Since 11 May the first Invitation to tender is already published on the EMITS platform and proposals will be accepted until 6 July 2015. Bulgaria is a signatory to all five UN International Space Law treaties and the allocation of radio frequencies and GEO slots is regulated under the Telecommunications Law. The private sector is playing an active role in stimulating young Bulgarian engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs to pursue a space career through engaging in world renown competitions such as such as the Global Compact Competition of Singularity University.

Young Space Activities Overview in Bulgaria

We have founded the biggest space educational program in the Balkan region – Space Challenges Program. Since its first edition in 2010, the program has achieved amazing results by reaching more than 5000 young people. It has fostered the creation of new aerospace projects and opened a direct channel of communication between the leading space experts and the young Bulgarians. Furthermore Space Challenges Program has developed an extensive online library with over 60 hours recorded video lectures by leading space experts from around the world. Its goal is to make space education freely accessible to everyone and motivate young talented people to participate in space activities. Many of the lectures are also translated with subtitles in Bulgarian in order to ensure maximum understanding by all Bulgarians. 

Country-Specific Events in 2015

  • 6th Edition of the Space Challenges Program (October 1st-November 30th): The Space Challenges Program became the largest space and advanced technology education initiative in the Balkans. In 2015 the program will have its 6th consecutive edition. The main aim of the program is to develop a generation of young scientists and technology professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset by focusing on direct economical and social impact. The program is structured around three components: science, technology and entrepreneurship and is completely practice-oriented. 
  • Children’s Museum “Muzeiko” (Summer 2015): The first next-generation interactive kids museum in Eastern Europe will open doors in the summer in Sofia. Muzeiko will have a section dedicated on space research and exponential technologies. The permanent museum is aimed at 6-10 years old children.
  • NASA Space Apps Award Ceremony (September 2015): In April 2015 more than 100 young Bulgarians participated in the NASA Space Apps Challenge. Three of the projects qualified in top 5 of their respective category and eventually VALKYRIE Project won first place for “Best use of hardware”. In general 3 out of the top 30 projects worldwide are Bulgarian! 


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Bulgaria


Mr. Eric Morel (ESA’s Director of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services) and Mr. Bojidar Loukarski (Bulgarian Minister of Economy) sign ECS agreement,       08 April 2014

Space Challenges Program Team and Cadets celebrate Yuri’s night, 12 April 2015
The Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli gave a public presentation organized by Space Challenges Program in front of over 100 people, 27 March 2015
International Space Apps Challenge Sofia, Bulgaria, 12 April 2015

Muzeiko space research section concept

























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