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SGAC – ECSL Competition

SGAC is excited to announce an opportunity for a student or young professional to attend the 2020 ECSL Summer Course on Space Law and Policy, which will be taking place online. The SGAC ECSL Competition seeks to provide an opportunity for students and young professionals of nationalities that are often under-represented in such events to take part in the ECSL Summer Course.

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Space for Youth Competition

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the risk of flooding, the impact of climate change is global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Action is needed and young people play a key role. UNOOSA and SGAC want to give a voice to and promote youth’s ideas on how space, in all its aspects, can mitigate climate challenges.

My SGAC experience was the start of a lifetime changing journey

Meet Davide Petrillo - the newly appointed Deputy Executive Director of SGAC. This interview will let you know him better as a person and as an SGAC member. Davide shared with us his vision on key aspects of SGAC and the goals he wants to achieve in the next few years. Also, he sheds light on his attempt to become an airforce pilot, and his most memorable moments of being a part of SGAC.

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Time, distance and shielding – a radioprotective paradigm for Earth and beyond

Humans are preparing to embark on journeys further than they have travelled before, to expand our knowledge of what lies beyond our home planet. This will be no easy task, with only a handful of astronauts ever having been beyond the protective bubble surrounding our planet, and only briefly during the Apollo missions. This bubble is known as the magnetosphere and is the veritable force field which protects us from the harsh radiation environment of space and without it, life would not exist.

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SGAC Volunteers: Redefining Call to Action During Covid-19

The Space Generation Advisory Council is spearheading a team of 30 volunteers from 19 countries to communicate, engage, and help the space community to keep the learning curve on a progressive path during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Nominate your favourite SGAC Member for SSPI’s Top 20 under 35

Nominations are currently underway for SSPI’s third annual “20 under 35”, honouring the brightest, most creative young professionals and entrepreneurs in the satellite and space industry. Armed with resources and knowledge, today's youth represents an advantage for the sector. Youth is what currently helps fuel the dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit of the space and satellite industry.

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SGAC is looking for a Deputy Manager for the Space Generation Fusion Forum 2021

After the success of the 2019 9th Space Generation Fusion Forum held in Colorado Springs, CO - USA, SGAC is continuing preparations for SGFF 2020 and beginning them for SGFF 2021. The organisation is looking for a professionally qualified young space leader to join SGAC as the SGFF2021 Deputy Manager for this year’s and next year's event.

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