US Governance

SGAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to students and young professionals (aged 18-35) in the space sector. Our aim is to represent the voice of the next generation in space policy and provide opportunities for professional development to young members of the space community. 

SGAC is registered as a non-profit in Austria, headquartered in Vienna, that includes the Executive Committee, Advisory Board, and all SGAC members. In 2001, SGAC established a 501c(3) non-profit organization registered in the USA, a separate SGAC entity for supporting SGAC operations in and from the USA.

SGAC US Entity Summary 

  • SGAC is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization registered in the District of Columbia, USA in 2001
  • See SGAC’s profile on Guidestar 
  • The US Board of Directors includes:
    • Class A: Senior Members of the Space Industry (to be appointed)
    • Class B: SGAC Chairs 
  • Officers: President, Treasurer, Secretary

US Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the US Entity currently consists of the SGAC Chairs, Harriet Brettle and Anthony Yuen. We are currently in the process of recruiting Class A directors to support the management of the US Entity. 

SGAC Endowment Fund 

A key role of the US Board of Directors will be to support the establishment of the SGAC endowment fund. We have recently received a generous donation from Blue Origin’s Club for the Future and intend to invest a substantial portion to provide recurring revenue to support long term growth for SGAC and sustainably provide more scholarships that enable access to international, regional, and local space events for our members.