Past Events



Adelaine, Australia
SGC 2017
Guadalajara, Mexico
SGC 2016
Jerusalem, Israel
SGC 2015
Toronto, Canada
SGC 2014
Beijing, China
SGC 2013
Naples, Italy
SGC 2012 
Capetown, South Africa
SGC 2011
Prague, Czech Republic
SGC 2010
Daejon, South Korea
SGC 2009

Space Generation Congress

Glasgow, Scotland
SGC 2008
Hyderabad, India
SGC 2007
Valencia, Spain
SGC 2006
 Fukuoka, Japan
SGC 2005
 Vancouver, Canada
SGC 2004
Bremens, Germany
SGC 2003

Houston, USA
SGC 2002
Vienna, Austria
SGC 1999 

Bringing Space-based Opportunities for Young People down to Earth

The European Commission, together with Airbus, the European Youth Forum and SGAC is organising an event for the next 8th July in Brussels, Belgium, open for free to all SGAC members.

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