What Is My Role?

As a participant at the 12th annual Space Generation Congress, your role is to be an active member of the space community: learn, discuss, analyse and network.

At SGC, you will spend much of your time in working sessions with other delegates from around the world discussing and debating a topic in one of the five themes of SGC 2013. Conclusions of these working groups will be presented at the end of the Congress to the other delegates but also in a wider forum the following week at the International Astronautical Congress. After the Congress, results from these working sessions will be turned into reports that will be widely disseminated in the space community and at the United Nations. This is your opportunity to be heard in space policy!

We will also have current leaders in the international space sector come and share their perspectives. They will also assist with the projects and teach about skills that are important to becoming a space sector leader.

Throughout SGC, you will learn about and contribute to space policy, meet the other future leaders of the space community, and develop yourself professionally.


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