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28 February 2016

On February 21,  SGAC held elections for the Middle East Regional Coordinator position. The votes have been cast and it is with great pleasure that we announce Ms. Leila Ghasemzadeh (Iran) has been elected as the Regional Coordinator for the Middle East.

Results for the 2017 Middle East Regional Coordinator Elections:

  • Leila Ghasemzadeh (Iran): 60%

  • Ghanim Alotaibi (Kuwait):  40%

10 NPOcs out of 14 voted, which is a 71% participation rate. Ms. Ghasemzadeh will now be serving as the regional coordinator for the Middle East alongside Ms. Behnoosh Meskoob (Iran).


SGAC would like to appreciate Mr. Hamed Gamal (Egypt) for his dedicating this time and enthusiasm as the Regional Coordinator for the Middle East from Jan 2015 - Jan 2017. Among the many accomplishments during his tenure is the successful execution of the first SGAC Middle East event at the Global Space Congress in the United Arab Emirates. We are honored to have Mr. Gamal as part of the SGAC family and we are certain he will continue to be an invaluable and active contributor to the region and the Space Generation Advisory Council.


Ms. Ghasemzadeh got familiar with Space Generation Advisory Council when she was a bachelor student in Avionics (AVIation electrONICS), During these years she has been an active SGAC member that made her to join the YGNSS, SEPG, SSS project groups and contributing as an organizing staff of SGC 2013 and YGNSS workshop on interoperability and international  cooperation. She also gained amazing experience during team leading in Find an Asteroid Search Campaign, which concluded in discovering two main belt asteroids by the team.

She got engaged in Mars explorations through flight planning of Mars Mission Simulation 2013 conducted by Austrian Space Forum (OeWF).

Ms. Ghasemzadeh was working as an avionics expert at SHETCo (Iran), designing aircraft instruments before being admitted to continue her master degree in telecommunication engineering at Istanbul Technical University (Turkey). As she is highly interested in her bachelor field and space related studies she recently changed her major to AeroAstro Engineering.

Response to the election:

"This is my honor to be elected as a Regional Coordinator of Middle East! I would like to appreciate NPoCs of ME who supported and trusted me, I am looking forward  to working with them and bringing more improvement in many aspects to our region such as SGAC’s growth and motivating potential youth for the next space generation, indeed it won't be possible without the help of our other experienced RC."

Chair response to the election:

"I’ve known Leila for the past several years in my capacity as YGNSS co-Founder, and I am pleased to know her enthusiasm in the organisation will spread to not only her work at the project group level, but also the regional representation and leadership in the Executive Council. I look forward to working with her and Behnoosh on providing more opportunities and activities for Middle East SGAC members in the future!"

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