SGAC is proud to present the SGAC October 2014 Members of the Month: SGC 2014 Local Organising Committee

Andrea Jaime (SGAC Executive Director), Minoo Rathnasabapathy (SGAC Deputy Executive Director), Chris Vasko (SGAC Chairperson) and Victoria Alonzoperez (SGAC Co-Chairperson) nominated the SGC 2014 Local Organising Committee:

“The SGC 2014 LOC were integral to the success of the SGC 2014 in Toronto, Canada, and should be awarded special acclaim this month. Each have volunteered their time, energy and creativity to make the 2014 Space Generation Congress a successful event. SGC delegates felt welcomed, energised and part of a larger community thanks to their efforts. We simply could not have done it without their tireless support.”


Alana Bartolini

Alana BartoliniAlana completed her Bachelor's of Health Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. During her time in the programme, she had the opportunity to take space medicine classes, where she explored the physiological impacts of space flight on the human body. In the summer of 2013, she was selected to attend the NASA Academy at NASA Ames research center. Following the academy,sheI returned to Ames to continue her work and staff the 2013 Space and Aeronautics Academies. She is currently back in Canada pursuing her MSc at the University of Toronto with Toronto Rehab. Alana is also a great dancer in many different disciplines, and she has compete with the McMaster Dance Company.

Alana's reaction: “What a wonderful surprise! Being a member of the SGC 2014 LOC was an invaluable experience, where I had the opportunity to meet some of the world's best and brightest space students. Thank you to the executive director, deputy executive director, and chairs for this nomination. I look forward to continuing my journey with SGAC and being a part of many more events!” 

Ali Nasseri

Ali NasseriAli is an Early Stage Researcher at the ISI Foundation as part of the Marie Currie ITN WALL and concurrently a PhD Candidate at the Politecnico di Torino. Prior to joining ISI, he conducted graduate research on surrogate-based fuel modeling at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Aerospace Studies and worked on system level modeling and design optimization of space systems at the Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Lab and Space Systems Research Center at K. N. Toosi University of Technology in Iran. Since January 2012, Ali has been working actively with the space generation advisory council’s Space Safety and Sustainability project group on their active debris removal project. His activities led to the SGAC Young Leadership Award 2012 which helped him attend the Space Generation Congress 2012 as a rapporteur for the Exploration Working Group. He was also a recipient of the 2013 IAF Emerging Space Leaders grant. He is currently the executive co-secretary of SGAC and the co-lead for the SGAC SSS project group.

Ali's reaction: “It is an honor to be nominated for MoM as part of the LOC. Thank you SGAC for giving us the opportunity to lead such an event and thank you to my fellow LOC team members for making the event a success! Looking forward to helping with future SGAC activities and events!”

Aaron Persad

Aaron PersadAaron Persad completed his doctoral degree in 2014 at the University of Toronto in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. His work in the Thermodynamics and Kinetics Laboratory challenges century-old models of liquid-vapour phase change and helped to redesign experiments destined for the International Space Station. In the summer of 2013, Aaron was selected as a commercial astronaut candidate by Astronauts for Hire from a pool of 85 highly qualified applicants from 14 countries. He has already completed basic suborbital training at the NASTAR Center. Aaron is now the Manager of Integrated Spaceflight Systems’ Reduced Gravity Program.  He is leveraging his past experience as the Parabolic Flight Campaign Coordinator with the Canadian Space Agency and the National Research Council’s Falcon-20 aircraft to develop a cost-effective, near freefall platform with Swiss Spaceflight Services for scientific payloads using a modified Airbus A340. 

Aaron's reaction: “It was a tremendous pleasure for me to work alongside a dynamic LOC team.  Since my first SGC in Cape Town, I have always wanted to become involved in planning SGAC congresses. I couldn’t pass up the chance when the SGC came to my doors in Toronto. It was a challenging experience, but the success of the SGC and the opportunity to meet amazing international delegates has me looking forward to the next one, and the next!”

Dario Schor

Dario SchorDario Schor was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Winnipeg, Canada in 1997. He is a Software Engineer at Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg working on the design and implementation of the flight software and supporting ground tools for the Radarsat Constellation Mission. He holds a B.Sc. (2008) and M.Sc. (2013) in Computer Engineering from the University of Manitoba (UofM). While at the UofM, he helped form and lead the UofM Space Applications and Technology Society (UMSATS) student group of over 100 undergraduate and graduate students collaborating to design a nano satellite that finished 2nd overall in the inaugural Canadian Satellite Design Challenge in 2012. He is an alumni of the International Space University (ISU) 2013 Space Studies Program (SSP) held in Strasbourg, France. In addition, Dario is an advocate for engineering and space outreach activities. He has organized and delivered presentations and workshops for more than 4,500 in Winnipeg over the past three years.

Dario's reaction: "It is a great honour to be part of the SGC2014 team being recognized with the SGAC Member of the Month! It was a pleasure working and learning with the SGC team the past few months. I look forward to more challenging and exciting opportunities within SGAC!"

Adam Vigneron

Adam VigeronAdam Vigneron (NPoC-Canada) is an MASc candidate at Carleton University where he's helping navigate a new Canadian satellite on Molniya orbit. Hailing from a small village on the Canadian prairie, Adam's passion for space has led him across Canada and around the world. He has floated balloons from Saskatchewan, powered space elevators from NASA Dryden, and fired rockets from Andøya Rocket Range. Adam served as a rapporteur at SGC 2012 and is a graduate of ISU SSP12 at Florida Tech and IGSS 2013 at Beihang University. When he's not in the lab, you can find Adam in the hockey rink, spacing up local schools, or underwater with a scuba tank on his back.

Adam's reaction: "It was an absolute delight to serve SGAC as a member of the Local Organizing Committee.  Full credit to our outstanding delegates for making SGC 2014 a professional, personal, and positively stellar experience."

Jeremy Wang

Jeremy WangJeremy is a BASc Engineering Science candidate at the University of Toronto (U of T), and was born in Toronto, Canada. He has broad interests, but is most captivated by aerospace propulsion and public engagement. Since starting his studies in 2013, he has been a Rocket Propulsion Specialist and the Outreach Coordinator for the U of T Aeronautics Team (UTAT), working on Vernier thrusters and an upcoming high school outreach campaign. Jeremy serves as the U of T Chair for Toronto Students for the Advancement of Aerospace (TSAA). He is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for PowerWring, a small engineering design firm focussed on ergonomic mechanical controls. As a high school senior, he worked as a research assistant on an aerial collision sensing project conducted at York University. He has earned awards for societal contribution, academic performance, and public speaking from various educational institutions and the Government of Canada. More recently, he was a member of the U of T team that won the R. Gilbert Moore Award for Innovation at the 2014 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition, and was also a guest speaker at the 2014 U of T Space Design Conference. When his appetite for aerospace finds temporary satiety, Jeremy is most likely to be found reading, writing, or playing piano.

Jeremy's reaction: "How exciting to have your contribution recognised by the international space community! Many thanks to SGAC and the other LOC members for making my very first Space Generation Congress such an engaging event. Learning, networking, and making the experience possible for others was extremely rewarding. I'll never forget it and I look forward to exploring more of SGAC's breadth of opportunities!"


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