SGAC is proud to present the SGAC November 2014 Members of the Month: Lászlo Bacsárdi

Laszlo BacsardiLaszlo Bacsardi obtained M.Sc. degree in computer engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Budapest, Hungary in 2006. He wrote his PhD thesis on the possible connection between space communications and quantum communications at the BME Department of Telecommunications in 2012. His current research interests are in mobile ad hoc communication and quantum based space communications.


From 2009, he works at the University of West Hungary, Sopron, Hungary. Currently, he is an associate professor and the Head of the Institute of Informatics and Economics.

Laszlo is the Secretary General of the Hungarian Astronautical Society (MANT), which is the oldest Hungarian non-profit space association founded in 1956. He is member of the board of a Hungarian scientific newspaper ('World of Nature') and he is the publisher of a non-profit Hungarian space news portal ('Space World'). Furthermore he is member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the Scientific Association for Infocommunications Hungary, HTE (an IEEE and IEEE ComSoc sister society). He joined the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) in 2012, currently active in the organization as the Hungarian National Point of Contact.

Guzel Kamaletdinova and Matteo Emanuelli, Regional Coordinators for Europe, and Adrianos Golemis NPoC Greece, nominated Lászlo:

“We would like to nominate Lászlo Bascardi, NPoC for Hungary. From the beginning, Lászlo has been dedicated to SGAC. Lászlo is a very active member of the European region and showed strong organising skills preparing formal and informal events in his country. We would like also to recognise his efforts as a team-player: he has been always ready to support other NPoCs and to share his own experience, helpful on every level and enthusiastic. He attended all the meetings in the region sharing new ideas and providing useful comments. He has been definitely an example for the other NPoCs in Europe. Moreover, Laszlo has been instrumental for the signature of the MoU between SGAC and the Hungarian Astronautical Society. Therefore, we would like to nominate Laszlo as SGAC Member of the Month.”

“In my opinion, Lászlo Bacsárdi should be selected as MoM owing to his ever-present contribution to SGAC's goals. I have been a part of SGAC and known Lászlo for a short time, but in these months he was unquestionably one of the most active NPoCs, participating enthusiastically in European meetings and providing ideas, comments and more. Therefore i suggest that he is selected as SGAC Member of the Month.”

Here is Lászlo's reaction:

“I'm honored to be selected as SGAC's Member of the Month. For me, working in SGAC means friendships across continents and a huge amount of fun. Sharing the same vision about the importance of space, knowing that our voice is being heard at the highest political and scientific levels, being part of an international group of space enthusiastic and future space leaders, having friends in (almost) every time zones - this offers unlimited possibilities for all of us and helps us to develop new ideas and make things better. Many thanks for the guys who invited me to join this community more than three years ago during the IAC in Cape Town, since this way a chance for Hungary was provided to return to the SGAC. I'm grateful for the challenges and opportunities SGAC offered me so far. Working in an international organization needs time, and finding free time is getting harder and harder for a young professional like me. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the inspiration of an amazing girl - my wife. Without her continuous support, I would not have been selected.”

From the SGAC Chair:

"I very pleased when I was informed on Lászlo's nomination as MoM. We first met during SGC in Cape Town, South Africa, and I was thrilled to meet a fellow Hungarian who knew the small space community back home as well as he does. Since then, he never ceased to surprise me - great ideas, fantastic motivation and very professional, be that in organising events, taking part of discussions or sharing his expertise with SGC working groups. His passion for sharing space has continuously led to active contributions to SGC and to our meetings during the year, and I am very grateful he chose to be part of our European team. Congratulations Lászlo! I am looking forward to work with you in the future!"

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