SGAC membership has been steadily growing throughout the years. Among our membership there are many incredible young space enthusiasts who should be recognised for their hard work and contributions to SGAC. In December 2009, the SGAC Executive Council decided to acknowledge one member per month for his or her outstanding work and contributions to SGAC and its goals, and we continued this until today. 

SGAC is proud to present the SGAC May 2015 Members of the Month: Sirisha Bandla, Space Generation Fusion Forum (SGFF) Manager

Sirisha Bandla

Sirisha Bandla serves as the Associate Director for the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, an industry association of commercial spaceflight companies. At CSF, Sirisha works on various policies with the aim to promote the commercial space industry and make commercial human spaceflight a reality. Before CSF, she worked as an aerospace engineer designing components for advanced aircraft at L-3 Communications. While at Purdue, Sirisha lead a team in the NASA-supported Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program in which she flew onboard the ZERO-G aircraft and managed a group of engineers who designed, fabricated, and flew a microgravity science payload. She has a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering from Purdue, and is pursuing a Masters of Administration at George Washington University.


Stephen Ringler, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator, nominated Sirisha:

“Sirisha Bandla led the 4th annual Fusion Forum with great success! Feedback from delegates and senior space leaders regarding the event was very positive. In addition to leading operations of the event, she assumed duties on the Strategic Partnerships Team (SPT) creating greater links between SGAC and New Space companies. She continues to be an active member of the SPT and is assuming more responsibilities. Thank you Sirisha for your awesome contributions to SGAC!”

Here's Sirisha's reaction:

"I am honored to be selected as the SGAC member of the month. SGAC is an incredible organization and it's amazing how much its grown since I have been a part of it. It is easy for me to be active in the organization because I'm inspired by SGAC leadership and fellow members. I look forward to continuing my journey with SGAC and creating even more channels for our generation to engage in the issues that affect our industry's future!"  

From the SGAC co-Chair, Stephanie Wan:

"Sirisha has done a fantastic job with SGFF 2015 and I'm ecstatic that she is now part of the Strategic Partnerships Team! I'm excited to see her recognized as the May MoM -- her insight working in the commercial spaceflight sector has helped expand SGAC partnerships and will pave many more opportunities to SGAC members. 

A huge thank you to the whole SGFF2015 organizing team and Sirisha for all the amazing work to put together the impressive event!"



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