SGAC membership has been steadily growing throughout the years. Among our membership there are many incredible young space enthusiasts who should be recognised for their hard work and contributions to SGAC. In December 2009, the SGAC Executive Council decided to acknowledge one member per month for his or her outstanding work and contributions to SGAC and its goals.

We are proud to present the September 2011 Member of the Month: Etim Offiong, NPoC of Nigeria

Etim_Offiong_NPOC_NigeriaEtim Offiong is a Scientific Officer at the African Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education in English (ARCSSTE-E), Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He is also involved in space education and outreach/awareness programs in Nigeria. Etim’s areas of interest are in systems engineering, policy development and technology management. He obtained his bachelors degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. In 2010, he participated in the Space Studies Program at the International Space University, where he worked in the Asteroid Mining team project. He serves as one of SGAC’s NPoC for Nigeria. He is currently writing his diploma thesis on space education policy.


Guzel Kamaletdinova, NPoC for Russia, nominated Etim:

“I would like to nominate Etim Offiong, NPoC for Nigeria for Member of the Month. In my opinion he is one of the strongest leader of our team. We met last year when we were in a group of grant recipients. He was the second person, who encouraged me to join SGAC. In the beginning he gave me all the necessary information and he always inspires me to progress! Etim is a very enthusiastic leader and he has incredible capacities! He is a real hard worker! We can see his achievements as a member of YGNSS working group. Also Etim was working with the NASRDA/ARCSSTE-E/SGAC scholarship. He has received IAF grants twice and this year he is the winner of the Ade Abiodun African Space scholarship. I am sure it stands on its own. I am proud to know Etim personally and I am happy to nominate him!"


Our Co-Chair, Catherine Doldirina, commented on Etim’s nomination:

“Voting for Etim to become MoM is evidence of a trend that young people from Africa get more involved in space activities and are doing a great job like Etim of promoting space programmes and their development. We at SGAC are proud and happy to have such active and devoted members as him. Congratulations Etim!”


And here is our MoM September reaction:

"I got to know about my nomination as MoM for September during the cultural night organised by SGAC for the Space Generation Congress. That reminds me that SGAC creates a platform for friendship, integration and sharing among young people in the world. I have had a great time since I joined SGAC in 2009. I’ve met present and future great leaders in/through SGAC. SGAC has also given me opportunities to share my thoughts with other young people in Nigeria and elsewhere. I am happy to be part of this great network. Thank you for the nomination" said Etim Offiong

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