SGAC membership has been steadily growing throughout the years. Among our membership there are many incredible young space enthusiasts who should be recognised for their hard work and contributions to SGAC. In December 2009, the SGAC Executive Council decided to acknowledge one member per month for his or her outstanding work and contributions to SGAC and its goals.

We are proud to present SGAC’s July Member of the Month: Ariane Cornell

Ariane Cornell served as SGAC Executive Director from 2009 till 2012.  Ariane’s interest in aerospace started at a young age:  she earned her pilot’s license at the age of 17 and spent many of her early internships at NASA Ames Research Centre.  She attended Stanford University where she earned her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Science, Technology and Society, with a focus in Management Science and Engineering.  Her honours thesis was entitled, “Sino-American Relations in Space:  Cooperation, Competition, or Coopetition?”  Following her studies, she worked in management consulting, first with Accenture, based in San Francisco, and then with Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, DC.  With Accenture, she has lived and worked on IT projects in the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil and the United States.  With Booz Allen Hamilton, as senior consultant in the Aerospace and Defence commercial consulting group, she helped develop strategies and solve operational issues for executives of the world’s top aerospace and defence companies.  This fall, Ariane will move on from her role as SGAC Executive Director to attend Harvard Business School.

Andrea Jaime, SGAC Executive Director, speaks on behalf of the Executive Council’s nomination for Ariane:
Though the reasons for nominating Ariane are more than obvious to the entire SGAC community, the work done by Ariane in the past three years has been absolutely terrific.  Ariane has raised the standards of SGAC during her time as Executive Director and deserves to be acknowledged for her role within the organisation.  We have all learned a lot from her performance in this job, and we are able to apply this newfound knowledge to our current and future professional lives.  SGAC would also like to take advantage of this nomination to maintain Ariane’s connection with the organisation, now as a member of SGAC who is a bit less stressed, and we wish her all the best on her new endeavours!

Here is SGAC’s July Member of the Month, Ariane Cornell’s, reaction:
This is a wonderful honour to get from SGAC to end more than three years with the organisation - thank you!  In addition to having developed personally and professionally in this role, I have had an immense amount of fun working at SGAC with the organisation's inspiring members around the world.  My warm thanks go out to all of the volunteers that I've been so fortunate to work with.  I look forward to watching SGAC climb to greater heights.

From SGAC Chair, Catherine Doldirina:
Ariane has been a tireless worker who has shown initiative, done great things for the organisation, and brought deliverables beyond any expectations.  Ariane is an inspiration to a lot of our members and I am glad SGAC has profited from her involvement and leadership.  I wish her all the best in developing her career, but hope that she will stay an active volunteer and will continue to contribute to the growth of Space Gen.  Way to go, Ariane!

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