26 February 2017

SGAC is proud to announce the following appointments as part of our global team of volunteers:



Nicole Chase

Nicole Chase has been in love with science and with space since she was a little child, growing up in Ohio in the United States. Since then, she’s obtained three science-related degrees, and has acquired valuable leadership experiences during her time at university. Throughout her undergraduate experiences, she also took whatever opportunity she could to acquire new knowledge about the sciences. She is a current member of The Mars Generation, a science non-profit who helps to foster a love of science and space in the younger generation, and is the Director of the Student Space Ambassador Program. She is currently taking remedial courses to prepare for a graduate degree in an engineering discipline so she can help humanity get to Mars. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon.


Jordan Sotudeh

Jordan Sotudeh is a Technology Analyst at the Tauri Group Space and Technology Practice, working in Washington D.C. at NASA Headquarters in the Office of the Chief Technologist.

Jordan completed his M.A. in International Science and Technology Policy at George Washington University, with a concentration in Space Policy. His Capstone team wrote a report on human spaceflight programs' resistance to political changes with NASA as a client. He earned his B.A. in International Relations with Honors with additional majors in Anthropology and French, a minor in Creative Writing, and a certificate in Political Economy at New York University where his undergraduate thesis used statistical analysis to measure the impact of the Internet on antigovernment demonstrations around the world.

Jordan has been active with SGAC since 2014, and served as Program Coordinator and Delegate Coordinator for the Fusion Forum in 2015 and 2016 respectively, as well as participating in the Policy Working Group at the Space Generation Council in 2015, which presented its findings to UNCOPUOS in 2016. Jordan has also published writings on topics from geopolitics to poetry and plans on using his archaeological certification when he retires, but only in the off-season. 


Ajeet Hansra

 Ajeet Hansra is a Senior Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, where he currently serves as a Deputy Chief of Staff to the Global Managing Partner. He has served clients in financial services, basic materials, chemicals, and in the public sector across a wide range of topics, including regulatory risk, supply chain management, organizational health, capital productivity, and organization-wide performance turnarounds. Ajeet has also served in the Finance team in the SGAC Executive Office, including acting as the organisation's Treasurer. Ajeet holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University, where he was a Robertson Scholar. He has previously worked in environmental risk management, disaster risk reduction using remote sensing in Vietnam, and in operations risk strategy at an investment bank.


Kathryn Robison

Kathryn Robison is a Ph.D. student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Political Science at The University of Alabama. Her research interests are in the fields of space policy and communication (both political and science). Kathryn’s current projects involve research on regulation in the commercial space industry in the United States and the framework of international space governance as more national and commercial enterprises enter into the space industry. Her past projects, including work presented at international conferences such as IAC, include the use of social media by national space agencies, the curation of the Space Shuttles in American museums, and science education in public schools. Kathryn received her B.A. in Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies from The University of Arizona, and her M.A. in American Studies from Youngstown State University. She has traveled extensively around the world, including intensive language training in Turkey, undergraduate study in Botswana, and volunteer work in China. 


Ciro Farinelli

Ciro is an aerospace engineer, inventor, sailor and published author with a great passion for space technologies and innovation. He graduated from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, with a Master of Science in Space Engineering and published a research regarding a innovative method to ultra-compensate the effects of space environment on composite structures. He also studied at UPC in Spain and did academic research at KAIST in South Korea.

After an experience in the Netherlands as a strategic consultant, in September 2013, Ciro joined Airbus in Germany as Composite Development Engineer. He managed critical projects and submitted patents regarding technologies which are currently used in the aeronautical and space industry. For almost 2 years, Ciro has been member of an exclusive tiger team, a specialized multifunctional task force focused on developing fast innovative strategies to respond to critical issues.

Since 2016, as qualified Prince2 Project Manager, he has successfully covered roles as Product Development Manager and Business Developer for Aerospace and Robotic companies. Ciro was born in Verona, Italy, in 1986.

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