1 April 2017

The SGAC elections for a new Co-Chairperson in 2017 have been completed and we are pleased to welcome Alexander Gibson (USA) as the new Co-Chair of SGAC.

After an exceptionally long period of discussion and interaction between the candidates and the Executive Office, 100% of all Regional Coordinators cast their vote. As in the past years, SGAC is proud to have attracted a number of highly qualified, dedicated volunteers as candidates. We are happy to see that the position of co-Chair of SGAC has become the goal of many volunteers in our organisation.

Out of all votes, candidates received:

Alexander Gibson (USA) - 41.67%

Suresh Bhattarai (Nepal) - 33.33%

Jacob Hacker (Australia) - 25%

We are happy to announce that Alexander Gibson will be the new Co-Chairperson of the Space Generation Advisory Council! He will be working alongside the new Chair, Ali Nasseri (Canada/Iran).

Alexander Gibson has been part of SGAC since 2014.  His roles have included SGFF 2017 Manager, Regional Coordinator, National Point of Contact, and organizing team for SGFF 2015 & 2016.  He graduated from graduated from Imperial College London in 2006 with a BEng in Materials Science and Engineering, for which he studied micrometeorite impacts on the Hubble Space Telescope. Alexander has had a lifelong interest in space, attending Space School UK and being the first British alumni of the European Space Camp in Norway. He is currently studying for dual Master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Management at the University of Colorado, Boulder, specializing in Bioastronautics.  Alexander is a Project Engineer in the Energy Industry and serves in the US Army National Guard.

Here is Alex’s reaction: “I am deeply honored and humbled to be the next SGAC Co-Chair.  The organization has had a phenomenal impact on myself and countless others since its inception at UNISPACE-III, inspiring us to boldly reach for the stars. I look forward to continuing this fine work with the rest of the SGAC leadership.”

Minoo will be working closely with Alex and Ali in her Executive Director capacity: "I look forward to working with Alexander as he takes on the role of SGAC Co-Chair. From NPoC (USA), Regional Coordinator (NCAC) and SGFF 2017 Manager, Alex has consistently shown his eagerness to grow within SGAC, and take on further responsibilities within the organisation. He possess the leadership qualities that SGAC seeks in propelling the organisation into the next area of growth."

SGAC would also like thank our outgoing Chair, Stephanie Wan (USA) for her work and dedication to the organisation for the past 9 years, leading up to the Chair position the past 2 years. She will move on to the role of Advisory Board Member and  support Alumni Coordination activities with former Chair, Victoria Alonsoperez.

"SGAC has had great growth during Stephanie's term as Chair, with many new initiatives introduced. While it saddens me to see Stephanie leave the position, I look forward to working with Alex in his new capacity as co-chair to follow the strategic plan we set in the past year, improving SGAC's knowledge transfer and long term continued growth of the organization." said Ali, taking over as Chair of SGAC.

This is what Stephanie had to say: "SGAC has been a fantastic opportunity for me to create opportunities/projects, develop a network, and learn how to work with a diverse range of cultures and personalities. It helped me get my first job as a contractor at NASA and the network has continued to help me establish new cooperative opportunities at work with other nations. In the space sector, especially within SGAC, I have time and time again seen how we are all passionately working towards the same goals to make it to space and selflessly make the organisation the best it can. SGAC is, and will always be, a team effort - I’ve had a really fun time, and I am excited to pass the baton to “the next generation” of SGAC members and see how their creative juices and collaboration will make it even better!”

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