Meet Axel, one of our PMAS 2017 core Astronaut crew. Learn more about Axel Garcia.

In an exclusive interview, we asked our Analog Astronauts about what motivates them to participate in our mission. Meet our PMAS 2017 Astronaut Crew. Every Sunday, we will release an exclusive interview with one of our astronauts. 


Axel Garcia 

Home Country: Puerto Rico, USA

Axel Garcia

Study: Graduate Student 
Work: NASA Engineer
Brief Bio

Axel received his undergraduate degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and  École D'ingénieurs in France, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, a minor in Computer Science and Space Physics. He joined NASA GSFC as a civil servant in 2015 after having interned at NASA Kennedy Space Center, NASA Ames Research Center, and NASA Goddard since 2010. Besides working at NASA Goddard, Axel is pursuing his graduate studies in SpaceScience and Technology  from a joint program between MIT and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow, Russia.  







What was your motivation to join the PMAS 2017 as an analogue astronaut?

 I'm interested in human space exploration and international collaboration. I am passionate about space research and having the opportunity to conduct experiments at a Mars Analog facility sounded extremely appealing for me.

What do you intend to accomplish as an analogue astronaut?

 Obtain experience working with a crew mission trained for Martian expeditions.

Based on your field (s) of expertise, what do you think this mission will add to the scientific community and to the world at large?

 We will offer new scientific understanding for space life sciences and robotic operations that will help us move forward to reach our goal to visit Mars someday. Analog Campaigns such as PMAS 2017 are essential to develop and improve technologies for deep space exploration.

Is there anything you want to say to your family and friends about PMAS 2017?

 I would be conducting one of the experiments proposed by my research group called PRatian (Puerto Rican on Mars). I would like the space community to know about our initiative, which consists of creating an innovation and research center for space discoveries and commercialization in the caribbean.



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