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SG [Benin] | Abomey-Calavi 2023  

SG[Benin] 2023 is the first ever Space Generation Advisory Council local event in Benin and in a West Africa francophone country. It is an in-person event happening at “Bibliothèque Bénin Excellence” in the Abomey-Calavi City. This event aims to highlight the importance of space for the technological and socio-economic development of Benin, the review of space industry in Africa and how to develop space technologies in Benin. During a full day, participants (enthusiasts, students and young professionals aged 18-35, from all over the country and beyond) will be invited to listen to relevant presentations by inspiring speakers and to discuss with experts in the space sector during the working groups sessions.  

SG [Benin] as the first international space industry event organized in the Republic of Benin, will focus on how best to harness the resources of the space sector to achieve the UN’s SDGs to create inclusive and equal societies for all Africans. 

Space science has helped humanity make significant progress since the 1960s, but many African countries are still lagging behind in this area. Despite the potential of space technologies to address development challenges, governments and authorities in Africa have not yet realized their importance. However, the United Nations and the African Union recognize the role of space science in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063. It is therefore important to promote space science and technology in Benin. Accordingly, SG [Benin] will bring together space industry experts, students, and authorities to explore how they can be used to address development challenges in Africa.

At this stage in Benin, there is no national agency in charge of space affairs, nor a national space program, and the government of Benin has no space ambitions or space technology development plan. 

In spite of this, at the SGAC Benin we believe that this outstanding event will introduce the era of space in Benin and attract the national authorities’ attention on the importance of space industry and the benefits it can afford to the development. 

The objective of the SG [Benin] is to provide a clear roadmap on how the space sector can contribute to the socio-economic and technological development of Benin through the achievement of the UN SDGs. 

We clearly hope that this event will help to : 

  • Recognize the role that space science can play in the advancement of STEM, science, and innovation in Benin and Africa.
  • Consider how much the space industry contributes to economic growth.
  • Learn how to use space resources to tackle hunger, global warming, and access to clean water. 
  • Provide concrete recommendations to government and organizations on the use of space sector resources


Program : 

Event theme : The Value of he space industry to Benin’s socio-economic development and technological growth.  

The event will take place from 9 am to 7 pm local time (UTC +1). This program is provisional and may change. 



09 – 09: 30 

Inaugural Speech and Introduction to SGAC 

09: 30 – 10 

Keynote Speaker 1 : Why space and the SDGs

10 -10: 30 

Space in Benin : The state of the art

Industry Expert: The role of the Space sector in achieving UN SDGs & AU 2063 Agenda. / How the space sector can help achieve the SDGs for African countries and the AU 2063 Agenda.  

10:30 – 11 : 30

Industry Expert: How the space sector could contribute to the socio-economic and technological development of Benin

11 : 30 – 12

Coffee & Tea Break  

12 -12 : 30 

Keynote Speaker 2 : The role of the space sector in the development of STEM and scientific research in Africa

12 : 30 – 1

Panel Discussion (Round Table) : How to develop space sector infrastructure in Africa ?  

1  – 2  

Working Groups Session 1 

2 – 3 

Lunch Break & Networking Session 

3 – 3 : 45 

Industry Expert : How to ensure access to space technology and its benefits for all in Benin

3 : 45 – 4

Presentation of sponsors

4 – 5

Working Groups Session 2 

5 – 5 : 45

Industry Expert : What space policy for Benin and Africa ?

5 : 45 – 6 : 15 

Working Group Presentations  

6 : 15 – 6 : 40 

Closing Remarks & Group Photo 

6 : 40 – 7 

Extra Networking Event 


Working Groups : 

Working Group 


 Space Technology for Climate Change 

Space resources for sustainable agriculture in Benin 

Benin’s Space Policy

Astronomy research and innovation


Working Group 1: Space Technology for Climate Change
“How can we best leverage space technology to combat the effects of climate change?”
This working group will focus on the use of space technology to combat the effects of climate change. Members will discuss the different technologies available, the policies and measures needed to encourage their use and to support the implementation of large-scale projects. They will seek to identify concrete solutions to maximize the impact of space technologies in the fight against climate change in Benin.

Working Group 2: Space resources for sustainable agriculture in Benin
“How to develop sustainable and resilient agriculture using space technologies?”
This working group will examine the space technologies available to monitor environmental conditions and optimize agricultural yields, as well as policies needed to encourage their use. The group will identify concrete solutions to maximize the impact of space technologies in the development of sustainable agriculture in Benin.

Working Group 3: Benin’s Space Policy
“What space policy should Benin adopt for the development of the space sector ?”
This working group will invite participants to examine the establishment of a space policy at the national level and the strategies to be adopted to develop the space sector in the country. Topics to be discussed will include the building of adequate space infrastructure, the development of research and innovation, the training of qualified professionals, international cooperation, and the definition of objectives and priorities for the Beninese space program.

Working Group 4: Astronomy research and innovation
“How to develop and encourage research and innovation through astronomy?”
This working group will focus on the development and promotion of research and innovation in astronomy. Members will discuss the opportunities astronomy offers for basic and applied research, as well as technological innovation. They will also examine policies and measures needed to encourage astronomy education and promotion.


Event Registration Policy

SG [Benin] 2023 is an exciting event, which will start the space era in Benin. The event will be free of charge and we will host a total of 50 participants from various backgrounds who are passionate about space. Participants will be selected according to their motivation to participate in the event and their interest in space. Once selected, they will receive a confirmation email to confirm their participation in the event. During registration, you will be asked to choose the working group you want to participate in. 

Registration Timeline

Registration opens: 22 March, 2023
Registration closes: 23 April, 2023
Announcement of delegates: 30 May, 2023

Register for this unique event that offer you the occasion to learn more about space industry, meet space professionals and enthusiast from different countries.   

Registration link will be available soon. Stay tuned !

For any questions about the event or for sponsorship, please contact the organizing team [email protected]

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