SGAC is proud to announce that Francesco Scarcelli has won the 18th Logo Competition for the Space Generation Congress (SGC) to be held in Washington, D.C., USA, in October 2019! SGAC is pleased to announce the SGC 2019 Logo Competition, to select the inspiration for the event logo which will be used in promotional material for SGC 2019. The winner being awarded free registration to the 17th Space Generation Congress in Bremen, Germany (27th – 29th September 2018).

Francesco Scarcelli

Francesco Scarcelli is a 27 year old italian graphic designer and media communicator with the passion of space. He has a bachelor in international communication and a master degree in graphic design. He’s moved from the south of Italy to the north (Bologna) looking for inspiration for his future and he found it in this beautiful city. He spent two months in Tirana, Albany, for the EVS (European Voluntary Service) to help children and teen agers in difficulty and to grow their awareness of being in a community (the european community). Now He still lives in Bologna, working as a freelance graphic designer trying to put in his work all the beautiful and the bad experience happened in his life. He likes cinema, comics, kitchen and all the creative aspects of life

“I’m really proud and honored for having been selected from the SGAC. I hope all you guys like my job. Unfortunately I cannot be present because of my current job, but I will continue to follow the great job the congress is doing and will do in the future.”