David has held the position of SGAC NPOC for Malaysia since 2016 and was part of the organising teams of APSGW 2016, SGC 2017 and SG [ASEAN] 2018.  David graduated from University College London (UCL) with first class honours in the Law LLB. Based in Singapore where he works for a leading law firm, David strives to further SGAC’s Asia agenda by connecting SGAC with Asia’s regional organisations.  A founding member of the Moon Village Association, David is involved in space policy advocacy in the ASEAN region and regularly speaks at conferences and universities in the region. David is also a winner of the Secure World Foundation 2017 IAC Young Professionals Scholarship and presented a paper titled “Space Amongst the Giants: A New Course for Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation” at the 2017 International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia.

David was nominated by Zihua Zhu  (RC for Asia-Pacific):

“David is one of the most active NPoCs in the region. He has been proactively leading many SGAC efforts in the region including the inaugural SG event in Asia-Pacific—SG[ASEAN]. He also helped SGAC established a strategic partnership with the local partner in Singapore–Singapore Space and Technology Association.”

Here’s David’s reaction:

“I am honoured by this award and certainly did not expect it. I consider this award not so much as a recognition for my individual effort but instead a celebration of what the dedicated cadre of SGAC volunteers have achieved in Asia over the past few years, raising the profile of the region and allowing me to build on their success. On their mighty shoulders I stand and to them I am grateful.”

From the SGAC Chair, Matteo:

“David is among those SGAC volunteers who have helped the most in increasing the footprint of the organisation in the Asia-Pacific region. He has supported the organisation of the main SGAC events in the region showing great leadership and commitment.”