Laura Keogh is a self proclaimed space lawyer – working as a lawyer with a German Irish law firm and slowly building up her space clientele. However, her bread and butter is data protection law. Laura has acted as the Irish NPoC since summer 2016 and has thoroughly enjoyed organising events to get the Irish space community together! This actually formed the birth of a non for profit organisation of which Laura is a co-founder – Inspire Space, whose purpose is simply to get people engaged with space. Inspire Space has kindly co organised and funded many of the Irish space events Laura has been involved in over the past year and a half. Laura’s next project is organising an amazing 2018 Yuri’s night in Dublin!

Laura was nominated by Joao Lousada (Regional Coordinator for Europe):

“Laura has been a very active member of the European region and has been doing a great job as NPoC of Ireland. She is proactively looking for events that SGAC can organise and take the initiative to start organising them. She has recently organise the annual Europe SGAC Christmas dinner in Dublin and has start discussions for a cooperation between SGAC and Inspire Space. As Europe RC, I am very happy with the work done by Laura and I nominate her for the Member of the Month recognition.”

Here’s Laura’s reaction:

“I am completely shocked and grateful to have been voted as Member of the Month! It was wonderful to organise all the space events in Dublin over the past year and especially to organise the SGAC Europe Christmas dinner for Dublin – I hope everyone had a lovely time! In this guise I would like to thank the SGAC European coordinators for all their support as well as all the Irish SGAC members who helped out! Finally I would like to thank the SGAC as a whole for taking me into their wonderful family and letting me meet such amazing and inspiring people! I cannot wait for what lies ahead with SGAC, it can only be fantastic!”

From the SGAC Chair, Ali Nasseri:  

“Laura has been working as our National Point of Contact in Ireland for a while now, helping SGAC connect with the local community there. She has not only helped organized the SGAC European Christmas dinner, but has also worked with local organizations to hold smaller social events bringing together members of the SpaceGen community in Ireland. It is great to see her selected as our Member of the Month! Well deserved Laura!“